Page 155 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
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The  company  has  now  held  the  “audit  berufundfamilie”   name  but  a  few.  To  strengthen  KELAG’s  image  as  an
                    (work-and-family  audit)  certificate  since  the  autumn  of   attractive employer in an even more targeted manner, the
                    2013.  Creating  family-friendly  working  conditions  is   continuous  improvement  of  existing  opportunities  and
                    recognised  as  a  key  factor  in  promoting  employee   emphasis  on  new  pioneering  initiatives  are  at  the  focus.
                    satisfaction.  This  includes  making  working  time   Numerous new activities were launched on the personnel
                    increasingly flexible. For job satisfaction and the well-being   marketing  side,  such  as  initial  steps  towards  a  new
                    of employees, it is very important that employees are able   employer branding strategy, the marketing of jobs tailored
                    to determine their own working time. The flexitime model   to target groups via video or radio spot, the use of the robot
                    at  KELAG  and  KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  was  adapted  to   “Edi” at job fairs and a new concept for marketing materials.
                    offer  employees  options  for  flexible  working  hours.  In   GRI 103-1, 103-3
                    addition to extending the scope of flexitime options, core
                    working hours were shortened and flexitime options were
                    increased. The  number  of  regular  normal  working  hours
                                                                  The diversity approach involves giving equal opportunity
                    under collective agreements remains 38.5 hours per week.
                                                                  to  the  different  generations,  genders  and  cultures,
                    To  ensure  the  continuous  improvement  of  working
                                                                  increasing  productivity  within  the  company  through
                    conditions  as  well  as  safeguard  the  rights  of  employees,
                                                                  diversity and also taking on social responsibility. Women in
                    there  is  regular  communication  between  employee
                                                                  management  positions,  international  exchanges  and  a
                    representatives and employer representatives on this issue
                                                                  generational  mix  in  teams  allow  new  perspectives  for
                    and on other issues.
                                                                  innovation  as  well  as  forward-looking  corporate
                     GRI 407-1                                    management within the Group. The focus of our efforts in
                                                                  this area is the group-wide conviction that a high degree of
                    The  magazine  “trend”  evaluated  and  rated  the  best  300   diversity among employees is one of the keys to the success
                    employers  in  Austria  in  cooperation  with  partners   of  our  business.  As  part  of  the  personnel  development
                    according to various criteria. KELAG was given the excellent   measures in 2018, particular attention was paid to having a
                    ranking of 18th among the top employers in Austria, thus   diverse  mix  of  employees.  KELAG  also  attaches  great
                    moving up four positions in comparison to the prior year. In   importance  to  increasing  the  number  of  women  in
                    Carinthia,  it  was  ranked  2nd,  which  confirms  its   management   positions.  Women   receive   targeted
                    attractiveness as an employer on the labour market.   development  opportunities  as  part  of  the  talent
                                                                  management process.
                    Another example of enhancing the attractiveness of KELAG
                                                                   GRI 103-1, 103-3
                    as  an  employer  is  the  KELAG  scholarship  programme.
                    Starting in 2018, the scholarship programme was marketed
                    throughout  Austria  (and  no  longer  just  in  Carinthia  and
                    Styria) at all universities offering fields of study relevant to
                    KELAG. In addition, the scholarship programme was heavily
                    promoted  for  students  of  computer  science  for  the  first
                    time. This is intended as a personnel marketing step taken
                    well in advance towards meeting future demand for digital
                    competencies within the Group. Further activities include
                    participating  in  job  fairs  of  educational  institutions,
                    cooperations  with  schools  and  hiring  for  internships,  to
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