Page 154 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
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to reflect upon how they are performing in their individual
                                                         roles and responsibilities. This instrument is used purely for
           KELAG is aware of its social responsibility and integrates this
                                                         development  purposes  and  not  for  assessment.
           into its corporate strategy. The supply risk at KNG-Kärnten
                                                         Questionnaires are used to encourage feedback from the
           Netz  GmbH  is  minimised  by  extensive  organisational,
                                                         position of “manager, employee, colleague and self-image”
           technical and practical measures. These include investment
                                                         based  on  the  Group’s  competence  model  as  well  as
           and  maintenance  measures  in  the  distribution  grid,
                                                         additional  topics  from  culture  diagnoses.  The  overall
           ongoing training and courses for staff as well as recurring
                                                         picture  is  used  to  determine  specific  development
           emergency and crisis management exercises with district
                                                         measures  for  the  managers.  In  addition,  the  talent
           authorities  and  emergency  services.  In  addition,  grid
                                                         management process was carried out. This is used for the
           restoration exercises are carried out on a regular basis and
                                                         recognition,  development  and  retention  of  talent  for
           a  crisis  management  organisation  has  been  established.
                                                         certain  functions  according  to  the  qualitative  personnel
           The  information  security  management  system  that  has
                                                         planning and personnel risk management in the Group. An
           been implemented and the encryption of customer data
                                                         orientation centre helps nominated candidates to identify
           fully  integrate  the  strict  requirements  for  ensuring  data
                                                         their individual strengths and potential for improvement.
                                                         Individual  development  plans  are  then  arranged  in
             GRI 103-3
                                                         subsequent feedback talks.
                                                         The  KELAG  Group  is  committed  to  a  high  degree  of
                                                         performance  orientation  with  an  equally  high  degree  of
                                                         employee orientation. In addition to the discussions with
                                                         employees  that  take  place  when  needed,  the  structured
           In  the  context  of  the  ever-growing  complexity  and  a   employee performance review is carried out once a year.
           dynamic  market  environment,  a  number  of  measures  in   The employee performance review was redesigned and the
           personnel management were implemented at the KELAG   competence model used up to the prior year was replaced
           Group.  Underlying  factors  such  as  demographic  change   by the merit grid approach as the basis for feedback in the
           and  labour  market  shortages  necessitate  long-term   employee performance review. The group-wide rollout will
           personnel planning and retention activities together with   take place by 2019/2020 at the latest following in-depth
           the  systematic,  requirements-based  development  of   management training.
           employees.  In  the  process,  the  methods  and  tools  of
                                                         The annual evaluation of the “Job Families” was carried out
           personnel  management  in  particular  are  continually
                                                         based  on  market  analyses  as  well  as  existing  collective
           enhanced to support the implementation of the corporate
                                                         agreements and company agreements. On this basis, the
                                                         modern  salary  system  was  implemented  with  the
             GRI 103-1, 103-3                            involvement of all divisions and employee representatives.
                                                         The  functional  and  transparent  structure  of  the  “Job
                                                         Families” also forms the basis for measures in recruiting and
           In 2018, personnel management proactively addressed the   the hiring process. Successful personnel marketing secures
           following  key  points  in  the  areas  of  strategic  personnel   future  competencies  in  order  to  ensure  the  company’s
           management  as  well  as  performance  management  and   positioning as an attractive employer.
           personnel  development: For many  years now,  the  Group   GRI 103-1, 103-3
           has been committed to giving managers the opportunity
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