Page 152 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
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and in customer loyalty. It is essential to have an e-business   from efficient energy consumption. As a first step towards
           strategy  that  allows  resources  to  be  focused  on  key   this, an attractive application – the KELAG GreenApp – has
           processes. Suitable quality assurance processes are set up   been developed at KELAG which, for example, presents an
           to counterbalance increasingly complex requirements and   overview  of  energy  consumption  and  use  patterns  and
           the very fast pace.                           explains  invoices  transparently  for  the  customer.  In
                                                         addition,  the  KELAG  GreenApp  also  supports  diverse
           Customers expect – much like in other industries – simple,   sustainable projects in Carinthia.
           fast  and  automated  digital  processes.  Digitalisation  has   GRI 304-3
           thus  become  a  success  factor  for  sales,  marketing
                                                           see also Electricity and natural gas grid
           communications  as  well  as  customer  acquisition  and
           customer loyalty. Greater focus was placed on digital sales
           in 2018 – the offering was implemented as an end-to-end
                                                         The energy industry is confronted with a new dimension of
           digital  process  and  optimised  specifically  for  mobile
                                                         digitalisation in the form of the exponential growth of data.
           devices.  An  efficient,  customer-focused  and  fully  digital
                                                         Experts  also  like  to  refer  to  it  as  Big  Data.  The  related
           sales process was thus created. Via Facebook Messenger,
                                                         requirements,  such  as  data  protection  (GDPR  –  General
           customers  can  also  request  individual  offers  using  a
                                                         Data Protection Regulation) and data security, are complied
           chatbot.  KELAG  operates  a  total  of  six  apps  and  their
                                                         with and processes are adapted continuously.
           functions are extended and updated regularly – 32,000 app
           downloads  attest  to  the  success  of  these  apps.  The  E-
                                                         The ever-increasing networking of IT systems and power
           Tankstellen-Finder (service station finder) was completely
                                                         plants is giving rise to new challenges for the company with
           redeveloped in 2018 and should achieve a leading position
                                                         respect to data protection and data security. To meet these
           among e-mobility portals.
                                                         requirements  and  to  protect  customer  data  from
              GRI 103-1, 103-3, 417-1, GRI Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures
             see also Distribution                       unauthorised access by hackers or other criminal groups, an
                                                         information security management system (ISMS) has been
                                                         set  up,  which  systematically  deals  with  potential  threats
                                                         and takes defensive measures. The security standards for
           By  2023,  KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  will  replace  around
                                                         the  protection  of  customer  data  are  thus  improved
           300,000 Ferraris meters with electronic measuring devices
                                                         continuously and the level of protection is increased.
           with  remote  readouts. The  smart  meter  project  is  by  far
           KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH’s largest project. This project also
                                                         The data in the smart meters already in use are transferred
           includes the development and operation of infrastructure
                                                         exclusively in encrypted form to the headquarters, similar
           for transmission, storage and processing of data as well as
                                                         to  a  bank  transaction  at  a  cash  point. The  data  are  also
           the  provision  of  these  data  for  customers,  for  energy
                                                         processed  and  forwarded  in  a  responsible  manner.  Data
           suppliers and for the preparation of invoices. At peak times,
                                                         security is not a new concept for the Group and has been
           up  to  120  trained  specialists  will  be  involved  in  the
                                                         established practice for decades. The only thing that is new
           implementation of the smart meter installation.
                                                         is the quantity of data that is transferred and processed. A
             GRI 203-1                                   secured  company  server  landscape  has  been  set  up  to
             see also Electricity and natural gas grid
                                                         handle  this.  Within  the  scope  of  legal  requirements,
                                                         customers  can  decide  for  themselves  what  data  are
           Smart   metering   stands   for   sustainable   energy
                                                         transferred to the company. Very little information on the
           management – which means that customers should benefit
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