Page 144 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 144

In an increasingly dynamic market environment, marked by the topics of decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation
           and  democratisation,  understanding  the  critical  needs  of  stakeholders  and  regular  communication  with  them  is
           particularly important. Open and honest dialogue with stakeholders is therefore one of KELAG’s main priorities.
              GRI 102-40, 102-42, 102-43, 102-44

           The owners of KELAG support a strategy of value-based growth and innovation based on renewable energies with an
           additional focus on energy efficiency. Without the active support of the owners, it would not be possible to realise the
           sustainability efforts and comprehensive sustainability programme to the same extent.
              GRI 102-5

           KELAG actively shapes developments in the energy industry through its membership in a number of industry-relevant
           organisations and advocacy groups (e.g., Oesterreichs Energie and the Association of Gas and District Heating Supply
           Companies  (FGW)). This  enables  regular  discussions  with competitors,  amongst  others,  regarding  current  and  future
           challenges of the energy industry. By being a member of the renowned “UN Global Compact” and “respACT” networks as
           well as the partnership with the “Verantwortung zeigen!” (demonstrate responsibility!) network, it manages to engage in
           dialogue with experts and enhance its commitment to the topic of sustainability on an ongoing basis.
             GRI 102-13

                                                         segment  of  electricity  and  gas  for  key  accounts  as  of
                                                         1 August  2018.  With  energy  generated  from  biomass,
           In addition to the use of renewable energy sources for the
                                                         hydroelectric  power  and  other  renewable  sources,  the
           production of energy, the topic of energy efficiency is of
                                                         company is moving step by step into a green future.
           utmost importance at KELAG. Retail customers are supplied
                                                         Acting sustainably also means contributing to the security
           with  electricity  stemming  exclusively  from  hydroelectric
                                                         and  reliability  of  energy  supply  in  a  forward-looking
           power and green energy. The company shows its customers
                                                         manner. Against this backdrop, KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH
           possibilities  for  the  efficient  use  of  energy  and  offers
                                                         modernises its grid infrastructure on an ongoing basis.
           individual products and energy services in this regard. To
           further  strengthen  its  position  as  a  customer-focused    GRI 102-2, 103-1, 103-3
           energy  service  provider,  new  business  models  and
           technologies  are  continuously  evaluated.  Innovation
           management,  digitalisation,  e-mobility  and  smart
           technologies are key topics.
           KELAG Energie & Wärme GmbH is the largest supra-regional   The  Group  is  one  of  the  major  Austrian  producers  of
           provider of heat in Austria and focuses on the production   electricity  from  hydroelectric  power.  In  addition,  the
           of  energy  using  biomass  and  industrial  waste  heat. The   company is active in the field of wind power and selectively
           company  has  developed  over  the  decades  into  a   implements  projects in  the  area  of  photovoltaics. With  a
           comprehensive service provider and provider of complete   total of 93 of its own power plants and drawing on purchase
           solutions and expanded its product portfolio to include the   rights from third-party power plants, a total power plant
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