Page 143 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
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As an overarching goal, the principle of sustainability has been entrenched in the Group’s entreprenurial thinking and
                    activity for many years. What is meant by sustainability in this context is striking an optimal balance between business
                    stability, security of supply, climate protection and social responsibility for the long term. When implementing these tasks,
                    the Group is faced with economic conditions in the energy industry that can be described as uncertain, dynamic and
                    complex.  The  effects  of  the  new  energy  concept  combined  with  additional  regulatory  intervention  in  the  market
                    mechanisms  of  the  energy  industry  as  well  as  the  trends  of  decarbonisation,  decentralisation,  digitalisation  and
                    democratisation influence entrepreneurial activity, in particular. A successful sustainable company also needs a sound
                    economic basis. Standard & Poor’s confirmed this sound basis with an “A/stable” rating again in the past financial year.

                    Taking the uncertain market conditions into account, the strategic alignment of the company will continue to be pursued
                    in a targeted manner. A diversified business portfolio remains the essential basis of the stable financial and earnings power,
                    facilitating the Group’s continuation of the long-term investment programme in accordance with clear return and risk
                    criteria and the further development of sustainability activities.
                      GRI 103-1, 103-2
                       See also Foreword as well as Overview of the financial year

                    In light of the changes in the energy industry, the company
                    decided to further develop its stakeholder management. The
                    innovative approach of a stakeholder network analysis was
                    chosen for this purpose in 2016. KELAG is at the centre of the
                    economic cluster, and its activities are closely followed by the
                    stakeholders.  The  influence  of  the  company  extends  well
                    beyond  the  purely  economic  level  to  the  fields  of  culture,
                    community, sports and politics. Particularly with regard to its
                    activities  in  the  area  of  renewable  energy  sources,  the
                    company is perceived to be forward-looking and innovative.
                    Together with its strong regional presence, these values are
                    the  hallmarks  of  KELAG’s  image.  The  openness  of  the
                    stakeholders to enter into projects and partnerships with the
                    company can be described as above average.

                    Regular communication creates mutual understanding and drives inspiration and ideas. It is important to KELAG to keep
                    its stakeholders informed about the developments in energy policies, to actively seek discourse on current and future
                    challenges in the energy industry and to propose constructive solutions.
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