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As the leading energy service provider in Austria, KELAG is aware of its responsibility for sustainability and takes active
                    measures  in  this  area.  For  the  company,  sustainable  development  means  aligning  entrepreneurial  activity  so  that
                    environmental, economic and social responsibility are brought into line with  each other. The sustainability strategy is
                    supported  by  all  companies  included  in  the  consolidated  financial  statements.  The  sustainability  report  entitled
                    “WERTVOLL” has provided a channel of communication for raising public awareness for many years.

                    In accordance with statutory requirements, this report contains all information that is required to gain an understanding
                    of the development and performance of the business and the position of the company as well as the impact of its activities
                    and which at least concerns environmental, societal and personnel matters, respect for human rights and the fight against
                    corruption and bribery. In some cases, more information can be found on the KELAG website, in the sustainability report
                    or in other sections of the annual report. These are cross-referenced. The methods used for calculating the KPIs, standards,
                    factors and assumptions can be requested at any time from the Investor Relations and Sustainability departments.

                    Significant opportunities and risks have been covered in the section above. In addition, significant non-financial risks are
                    covered  in  the  section  below.  A  description  of  the  business  model  is  presented  in  the  introductory  sections  of  the
                    management report, which describe the business units and strategies in detail. The content of the report is orientated
                    toward the information needs of the stakeholders as well as the fields of action of the KELAG materiality matrix. In the
                    preparation of the materiality matrix, those topics entailing opportunities as well as risks for KELAG and its stakeholders
                    were identified. Involvement of the stakeholders is achieved through ongoing dialogue with the stakeholders.
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