Page 133 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 133

in  some  cases  addressed  in  cooperation  with  industry
                                                                  partners, are also essential.

                                                                  Supplementary to internal activities, projects are also co-
                                                                  financed under the “Research and Innovation” committee
                                                                  of  Oesterreichs  Energie,  the  Austrian  energy  advocacy
                                                                  group. Key issues in 2018 included: regulation, grids and
                                                                  security  of  supply,  energy  policy,  use  of  blockchain
                                                                  technology  in  elecrtrical  grids,  cyber  security  and
                                                                  information and communication technology with respect
                                                                  to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

                    Projects carried out throughout the company in the area of
                    research  and  development  are  primarily  application-
                    driven.  These  projects  are  carried  out  predominantly  in
                    cooperation with universities and other institutes of higher
                    education as well as research institutions. The cooperation
                    with the University of Klagenfurt in the form of an endowed
                    professorship  for  “sustainable  energy  management”  is
                    particularly  noteworthy.  In  some  cases,  research projects
                    are also managed in the form of dissertations for bachelor’s
                    and master’s degree programmes. In the same vein, KNG-
                    Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  supervised  several  HTL  (“Höhere
                    Technische Lehranstalt” - Upper-level vocational secondary
                    school  in  Austria  with  an  emphasis  on  technological
                    subjects) theses on grid-related topics in 2018.

                    Current,  application-driven  R&D  projects  relate  to  the
                    following  topics:    technical  diagnosis  of  operating
                    resources;  examination  of  grounding  systems  in  high-
                    voltage  and  medium-voltage  grids;  use  of  alternative
                    insulation  liquids  for  transformers;  strategies  for  grid
                    restoration;  assessment  of  the  condition  of  operating
                    resources  using  Big  Data  as  well  as  digitalisation  in  grid
                    operation  through  the  gradual  expansion  of  calculation,
                    simulation  and  visualisation  tools. Within  the  context  of
                    R&D  projects,  technologies  such  as  drones,  augmented
                    reality and machine learning are also being examined for
                    their  practical  application.  Basic  application-driven
                    considerations relating to smart grids and smart metering,
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