Page 132 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 132

Motivated and qualified employees are the prerequisites for the company’s ability to compete and continue in the future.
           Against this backdrop, the company has responded to the high demands of modern personnel management.

            Employees                                                    1,397      1,402         -5
            Trainees                                                       97        105          -8
            TOTAL EMPLOYEES                                             1,494       1,507        -13

           1 Annual average number of employees/full-time equivalents (converted to full-time positions, including inactive employees as well as vocational trainees with a fixed-term employment contract
           as required by law), not including trainees and temporary staff

           In addition to the aforementioned number of employees, the Group has 97 apprentices and 147 contract workers.

           KELAG considers its employees to be an important factor in its future success. The development and change in the core
           business divisions requires the continuous further development of the corporate culture. The topics of management
           culture and diversity are particularly significant.
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