Page 122 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 122

drives  forward  the  creation  and  implementation  of
                                                         electronic business processes to customer interfaces (such
           Competition  in  the  end  consumer  segment  of  the
                                                         as the Internet self-services).
           electricity market is consistently high in light of aggressive
           pricing, intensified campaigning as well as the entry of new
                                                         An even stronger focus was placed on digital marketing in
           competitors  in  all consumer segments.  Nevertheless,  the
                                                         2018. The  offering  was mapped  as  an  end-to-end  digital
           company  has  succeeded  in  maintaining  its  strong
                                                         process  and  optimised  specifically  for  mobile  phones.
           competitive  position  in  the  market.  In  addition  to
                                                         Using  the  same  database,  a  new  chatbot  was  also
           intensified customer loyalty programmes, activities to win
                                                         relaunched for offerings via Facebook. For customers not
           back former customers were also successfully carried out.
                                                         yet  close  to  entering  into  a  contract,  processes  and
           Moreover, the acquisition of new customers in all segments
                                                         activities have been designed and implemented for long-
           has  been  stepped  up  and  the  range  of  energy-related
                                                         term  lead  management.  Cross-media  campaigns  were
           products and services expanded. Customer requirements
                                                         supported  by  numerous  landing  pages  and  the  easiest
           are  taken  into  account  through  the  supply  of  electricity
                                                         means of entering into a contract via individual campaign
           from 100% renewable energies.
                                                         codes. The expansion of the marketing newsletter focusing
                                                         on product sales contributes to the focus on e-commerce
                                                         and  is  the  most  reasonably  priced  channel  by  far.
           According  to  the  guiding  principle  “The  future  is  green,
                                                         Performance-oriented   online   campaigns   for   both
           digital and electric!”, the company commenced the “Energy
                                                         commodity and Energy+ topics round off the spectrum of
           Future” initiative at the end of 2017. As part of this initiative,
                                                         e-business.  In  2018,  a  project  across  business  units  was
           retail and business customers as well as municipalities are
                                                         launched to realign the e-business strategy, which will then
           offered attractive and innovative products from the areas of
                                                         be implemented gradually from 2019 onwards.
           e-mobility,  photovoltaics,  Telekom  broadband  services,
           SmartHome and energy management. The objective of the
                                                         With over 100,000 fans on the three Facebook pages, KELAG
           product campaign is to support the customer in switching
                                                         plays a leading role among energy providers in the social
           to  energy-efficient  products  and  applications  to  lay  an
                                                         media sector, where the focus on product sales will also be
           important foundation for a greener future.
                                                         intensified.  KELAG  now  also  offers  six  apps,  which  are
                                                         adapted  to  new  technological  developments  and
           After previously focusing on photovoltaics and e-mobility,
                                                         enhanced with new functions on a regular basis.
           autumn  2018  was  geared  to  the  topic  of  energy
           management:  with  “MEO”  KELAG  offers  its  customers  a
                                                         The  provisions  of  the  general  data  protection  regulation
           central energy management system for all relevant energy
                                                         have been implemented in all online processes and thus
           producers and consumers in private households.
                                                         ensure the careful and secure handling of customer data.

           Digitalisation is one of the key success factors for the future
           and  a  vital  competitive  factor  for  sales.  E-business  has
           become a decisive success factor in many business areas,
           for  example,  in  marketing  communications  or  customer
           acquisition and customer loyalty. KELAG manages the web
           presence and social media activities of the entire Group and
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