Page 121 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
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development  projects  are  currently  being  pursued  to   2018. There is also a further small-scale hydroelectric power
                    enlarge the wind farm in the medium term. Outside Austria,   plant with an installed capacity of around 6.5 MW under
                    a wind power project with a capacity of around 10 MW is   construction in Montenegro. In addition, several small-scale
                    currently under construction near Zadar in Croatia.    PV power plants with a total installed capacity of around
                                                                  4 MW are operated in Slovenia.

                    The photovoltaics portfolio was expanded in the financial
                    year 2018. This includes PV systems to cover the Group’s
                    own  needs,  contracting  models  with  excess  feed-in
                                                                  KELAG’s trading activities begin with the management of
                    including  dynamic  feed-in  tariffs  and  power-to-heat  PV
                                                                  the  electricity  it  produces  and  the  procurement  of  sales
                    systems for heat production. The Group is placing increased
                                                                  volumes. With respect to the management of the electricity
                    emphasis  on  internal  value  added.  In  addition,  work  is
                                                                  it produces, the objective is to place its own power plants
                    being done on the topic of “Mieterstrom” (locally produced
                                                                  on the relevant markets in the best possible way. In addition
                    electricity,  which  is  offered  to  tenants  of  residential  or
                                                                  to their presence on the trading markets, it is also necessary
                    commercial properties), and initial pilot projects are to be
                                                                  to refine internal processes to optimise the use of flexible
                    implemented in the near future. To make the PV systems as
                                                                  generation units. To increase the stability of planning and
                    efficient as possible, they will be planned and installed for
                                                                  revenue, KELAG pursues a long-term sale and procurement
                    optimum on-site use.
                                                                  strategy, whereby the corresponding volumes are sold and
                                                                  procured  gradually  for  subsequent  years.  The  relevant
                    In cooperation with “KELAG power partners”, PV systems are
                                                                  commodities are electricity, gas and guarantees of origin.
                    installed for retail and business customers. The quality of
                                                                  Together with the subsidiary Interenergo, which focuses on
                    the PV systems is assured using infrared thermal imaging.
                                                                  cross-border  trading  and  the  supply  of  energy,  the
                    In addition to that, the product range will be expanded to
                                                                  company  is  particularly  active on  the  markets  of  Central
                    include the planning of holistic energy systems for retail
                                                                  and  Eastern  Europe  (“CEE”)  and  South  Eastern  Europe
                    and  business  customers  in  order  to  offer  individual  and
                    tailored solutions.
                                                                  Energy   trading   that   goes   beyond   asset
                                                                  marketing/optimisation  is  conducted  in  accordance  with
                    The  Group  pursues  a  selective  strategy  internationally,
                                                                  strict  risk  management  rules. The  related  energy  trading
                    primarily  in  the  areas  of  hydroelectric  power  and  wind
                                                                  contracts  (forward  contracts  for  electricity  and  gas)  are
                    power. Of central importance in this regard is the wholly
                                                                  measured at fair value through profit or loss.
                    owned subsidiary Interenergo d.o.o. with registered offices
                    in  Slovenia,  which is  active in electricity  trading  and  the
                    development of hydroelectric power plant projects in many
                    countries in central and southeastern Europe. The Group
                    currently  has  a  total  of  13  hydroelectric  power  plants
                    operating in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo
                    with  a  total  installed  capacity  of  around  50  MW  and  an
                    annual production capacity of around 185 GWh. The small-
                    scale  hydroelectric  power  plant  Medna  in  Bosnia  and
                    Herzegovina was completed and commissioned in March
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