Page 120 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 120

KELAG assumes the planning in this project, including the
                                                         supervision of construction and commissioning and after
                                                         completion  the  management  of  operations  and
                                                         maintenance of the investor-funded power plant.

                                                         Various  replacement  investments  and  maintenance
                                                         measures were implemented in the financial year 2018 to
                                                         ensure the availability and safety of the existing production
           The  Group  is  one  of  the  major  Austrian  producers  of
           electricity  from  hydroelectric  power.  In  addition,  the
                                                             A general inspection of the Oschenik 2 machine unit at
           company is active in the field of wind power and selectively
                                                              the Innerfragant power plant was carried out. As a
           implements  projects in  the  area  of  photovoltaics. With  a
                                                              result of the measures taken, the ball valve on the
           total of 93 of its own power plants and drawing on purchase
                                                              turbine side and the two-jet Pelton turbine were
           rights from third-party power plants, a total power plant
                                                              completely overhauled and replacement investments
           capacity  of  around  1,354  MW  and  a  total  production
                                                              in the motor-generator were made.
           volume of about 3.4 TWh is available in an average year. The

           Group’s own largest production facilities are located in the
                                                             A complete overhaul of the Zirknitz 1 machine unit was
           Fragant power plant group in upper Carinthia.
                                                              carried out at the Zirknitz power plant. The focus here
                                                              was on the renewal of the rotor with a corresponding
                                                              increase in efficiency.
           Work on the complete overhaul of KELAG’s largest run-of-
           the-river power plant commenced in June. This includes the    Desedimentation  measures  using  suction  dredging
           renovation of the entire weir system, the new lining of the   were  carried  out  at  the  Wiederschwing  reservoir.
           upstream channel and the renewal of the Schütt 2 machine   Subsequently,  the  reservoir  was  drained  and  an
           unit including secondary systems. The investment volume   inspection of the system components was initiated.
           is  around  EUR 25m.  In  the  course  of  the  project,  a  new,
           larger fish ladder will also be built.        Another  focus  was  on  implementing  measures  for
                                                         automation  and  process  visualisation  in  various  power
                                                         plant areas.
           In  2018,  KELAG  commissioned  the  investor-funded
           Kremsbrücke  upstream  power  plant  on  the  Lieser  in  the
                                                         The  Group’s  wind  power  production  capacity  is  around
           region of Spittal an der Drau (KELAG’s share is approx. 25%,
                                                         61 MW,  thus  reaching  an  annual  average  production
           the rest belongs to three private investors). The expansion
                                                         capacity of around 159 GWh. A total of 10 wind turbines are
           capacity  is  around  2.5  MW  with  an  annual  production
                                                         now operated in Burgenland and 19 wind turbines near the
           capacity  of  around  12  GWh.  In  the  middle  of  the  year,
                                                         Black Sea coast. Preparations for the construction of two
           construction  began  on  the  Kremsbrücke  downstream
                                                         additional  wind  turbines  for  the  Nikitsch  wind  farm  in
           power plant with a capacity of around 6 MW with an annual
                                                         Burgenland are currently underway. Moreover, additional
           production capacity of around 29 GWh. As service provider,
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