Page 119 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 119

prioritised  and  implemented  in  a  coordinated  manner
                                                                  throughout the Group.
                    Digitalisation  is  one  of  the  key  factors  for  remaining
                    competitive  in  future.  For  this  reason,  KELAG  is
                    implementing a number of initiatives. Activities focus on
                    identifying potential for digitalisation as well as prioritising
                    and  implementing  this  potential  with  the  objective  of
                    optimising  processes,  evaluating  and  utilizing  new
                    technologies and developing smart services and thereby
                    offering value added for the customer.

                    A competence centre has been set up in the company to
                    handle topics pertaining to RPA technology. The first field
                    of application for software robots was in bank statement
                    processing.   Booking   processes   now   take   place
                    automatically  on  a  daily  basis.  In  addition,  within  the
                    framework of the EU General Data Protection Regulation
                    (GDPR), work is currently underway to find a solution for
                    automated responses to requests for information using RPA

                    With  the  development  of  the  digitalisation  strategy,  the
                    approach to the digital transformation of KELAG has been
                    defined. It is a living document in which new technologies
                    and  the  latest  trends  are  to  be  taken  into  account  at  all

                    As  part  of  the  digital  trainee  programme,  six  university
                    graduates were recruited to work over a two-year training
                    period in various digitalisation projects in various business

                    Digital assessment 2.0 is a service offered by the digital lab.
                    This  initiative  offers  the  business  units  workshops  with
                    moderators  in  which  potential  for  digitalisation  is
                    developed.  The  measures  identified  are  evaluated,
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