Page 118 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
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southeast  Europe  as  well  as  district  heating  based  on   market, with which the objective of an optimal financing
           biomass and waste heat usage in Austria.      structure can be reached.

                                                         As  an  industry  leader,  the  company  aims  to  make  a
           To  further strengthen  its  position  as  a green,  digital  and   significant  contribution  to  the  regional  value  added  and
           customer-focused energy provider, new business models   offer skilled jobs as an attractive employer in future as well.
           and technologies are continuously evaluated. The strategic
           orientation,  which  combines  tradition  with  innovation,
           focuses  on  the  sustainable  and  secure  energy  supply  to   In  light  of  the  extensive  changes  in  the  business
           customers   along   with   future-proof   infrastructure,   environment  the  group-wide  “kelag2020”  development
           innovative  services  and  smart  comprehensive  energy   project  initiated  in  2014  was  extended  to  include  the
           management solutions. Cooperation and open innovation   strategic planning horizon up to 2025 and given the new
           activities  with  universities  are  pursued  to  accelerate   name “kelag2025”. With this long-term project, the Group
           implementation  and  benefit  from  external  knowledge.   ensures its future sustainability and competitiveness as a
           Digitalisation offers a great deal of potential for innovation.   green  and  digital  full-service  energy  provider.  The
           The  focus  here  is  on  the  automation  of  operational   programme  of  measures  includes  the  enhancement  of
           processes,  the  evaluation  and  application  of  new   performance and innovation culture as well as the pursuit
           technologies and the development of smart services.    of key areas of innovation related to the core business, such
                                                         as  business  development  in  the  areas  of  e-mobility,
                                                         photovoltaics  and  energy  services.  The  pillar  of  “value
           The overarching objective of the Group’s approved strategy   management”  is  optimised  by  extensive  performance
           focuses  on  value-based  management.  In  this  context,   measures  in  the  area  of  cost  and  business  process
           creating value for investors, customers and employees is   management  as  well  as  the  optimisation  of  capital
           the  core  benchmark  for  entrepreneurial  activities.   allocation.
           Corporate  activities  are  also  planned,  managed  and
           controlled based on a value-driven management system.   Again  in  the  financial  year  2018,  a  number  of  measures
           Taking the strategic objectives as a starting point, value-  were implemented to enhance the innovative capacity of
           based operational measures are derived and implemented   the Group and to support the development of innovative
           as part of the management concept.            and  customer-focused  products,  services  and  processes.
                                                         Highlights of the past financial year were the launch of the
           The  sustainable  and  balanced  business  portfolio  –  from   digital  trainee  programme  as  well  as  several  “open
           production  and  distribution  to  the  sale  of  renewable   innovation”  initiatives  with  universities  and  the  “KELAG
           energy as well as of comprehensive energy solutions – is   GreenUps   Challenge”.   To   promote   the   Group’s
           designed  to  secure  financial  stability  also  in  future.   development into a comprehensive and innovative energy
           Investment in growth is measured based on clear return   service provider, strategic areas of innovation were further
           requirements.  Additional  value-based  criteria  such  as  a   prioritised.  Building  on  these  innovative  objectives,  new
           solid equity ratio and a suitable rating have to be observed.   strategic  business  divisions  in  the  area  of  e-mobility,
           In  the  financial  year  2018,  Standard  &  Poor’s  once  again   broadband,  photovoltaics  services  and  energy-related
           confirmed KELAG’s “A/stable” rating. This favourable rating   services, among others, are being developed.
           is necessary to obtain the best possible terms on the capital
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