Page 117 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 117

The future of energy is green, digital and electric, and as one   decentralisation,   digitalisation   and   democratisation
                    of  the  leading  energy  service  providers  in  Austria,  the   influence entrepreneurial activity, in particular.
                    KELAG Group is actively involved in shaping this future. The
                    company  is  committed  to  this  guiding  principle  and
                    continues to pursue a strategy of value-based growth and   In  light  of  the  new  climate  and  energy  strategy  of  the
                    innovation based on renewable energies. In the context of   Austrian  Federal  Government  (#mission2030)  and
                    this strategic guiding principle, the Group sees itself as a   improved conditions with regard to profitability, the focus
                    green, customer-focused and digital energy provider that   of  the  company  is  increasingly  placed  on  investment
                    not  only  faces  up  to  the  challenging  environmental   growth  in  the  area  of  renewable  energies  and  organic
                    conditions but also contributes to the security of energy   customer growth in the Austrian electricity, gas and heat
                    supply in a forward-looking manner. The effects of the new   markets.  The  Group  sees  individualisation  as  an
                    energy  concept  combined  with  additional  regulatory   opportunity  and  offers  customers  specific  products  and
                    intervention  in  the  market  mechanisms  of  the  energy   energy  services.  The  portfolio  is  selectively  rounded  off
                    industry  as  well  as  the  trends  of  decarbonisation,   further with hydroelectric and wind power in Austria and
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