Page 116 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 116

Within  the  framework  of  multi-year  incentive-based   On the basis of the ÖSG 2012, the 2018 ordinance on the
           regulation,  the  new  system  user  charge  ordinance  for   renewable electricity contribution charge came into effect
           natural gas (GSNE-VO 2013 – 2018 amendment) came into   on 1 January 2018. It revises the charges for the calendar
           effect on 1 January 2018 on the basis of the third regulatory   year 2018 payable by all end customers connected to the
           period for natural gas (2018 to 2022). System user charges   public grid by grid level for promoting green electricity and
           were  adjusted  from  1 January  2018  in  line  with  the   according  to  components  of  network  user  charges  (grid
           amendment.  For  specific  private  customers  in  Carinthia,   user charges for service, grid user charges for work and grid
           this entailed a net decrease in grid user charges of around   loss charges per grid level).
           1.6%, according to Energy-Control Austria.
                                                         As  the  responsible  party  for  the  green  balancing  group,
                                                         OeMAG Abwicklungsstelle für Ökostrom AG’s obligations
           Pursuant to this ordinance, those responsible for balancing   included collecting a percentage markup of around 24.6%
           groups must pay a fixed clearing fee to the balancing group   on the grid user charges and grid loss charges per grid level
           coordinator.  Since  1 January  2018,  the  fee  has  been   in 2018 (2017: 26.8%) as a contribution to green electricity.
           EUR 0.0473/MWh  (previously  EUR 0.0522/MWh)  for  each
           chargeable unit of energy consumed in the Eastern market
           territory   and   EUR 0.0616/MWh    (previously
                                                         Pursuant to Sec. 19 ÖSG 2012, the feed-in tariffs for green
           EUR 0.0653/MWh)  in  the  Tirol  and  Vorarlberg  market
                                                         electricity plants were redefined for the calendar years 2018
                                                         and 2019. The tariff to buy electric power from photovoltaic
                                                         facilities (PV) that are only installed on or at a building with
                                                         a  congestion  capacity  of  over  5 kWpeak  to  200 kWpeak  is
           With this ordinance, there is a change in responsibility for
                                                         7.91ct/kWh at the time of application and conclusion of the
           collecting  and  analyzing  the  data  as  defined  in  Sec. 88
                                                         contract  in  2018  (2017:  7.91ct/kWh)  and  7.67  ct/kWh  in
           ElWOG  (Austrian  Electricity  Act)  2010  which  came  into
                                                         2019. An additional 30% of the installation costs, however
           effect with the Green Electricity (Amendment) Act (“Kleine
                                                         capped  at  EUR 250 kWpeak,  is  granted  as  an  investment
           Ökostromnovelle”). For the 2017 reporting year, the data of
                                                         subsidy for the installation. The tariff to buy electric power
           grid  operators  and  suppliers  subject  to  reporting  was
                                                         from wind farms at the time of application in 2018 was 8.20
           collected  centrally  by  E-Control.  Separate  reporting  and
                                                         ct/kWh,  the  same  as  in  2017.  The  tariff  at  the  time  of
           transmission  of  data  to  the  state  government  is  thus  no
                                                         application in 2019 is 8.12 ct/kWh.
           longer necessary.
                                                         On the basis of Sec. 45 of the ÖSG 2012, the green electricity
           On  the  basis  of  the  authorisation  pursuant  to  the  ÖSG
                                                         flat rate ordinance 2018 came into effect on 1 January 2018.
           (Austrian Green Electricity Act) 2012, E-Control issued a new
                                                         It revises the green electricity flat-rate fees for the calendar
           ordinance  setting  prices  for  guarantees  of  origin  at
                                                         years 2018 to 2020 payable by all end customers connected
           EUR 1.02/MWh for the calendar year 2018. The guarantees
                                                         to the public grid by grid level. The green electricity flat rate
           of  origin  are  allocated  to  electricity  dealers  and  cleared
                                                         was lowered by around 14% in comparison to the fees from
           daily at a fixed purchase price in accordance with applicable
                                                         the years 2015 to 2017.
           market regulations.
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