Page 114 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 114

In  December  2018,  a  final  agreement  was  reached  at
                                                         European  level  under  the  Austrian  Presidency  of  the
           The  United  Nations  Framework  Convention  on  Climate   Council on all eight aspects of the new energy legislative
           Change, 24th Conference of the Parties (COP 24), held in   framework, the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package
           Katowice, Poland, from 3 December 2018 to 15 December   published by the European Commission in November 2016.
           2018,  focused  on  the  implementation  of  the  Paris
           Agreement  (“agreement  on  global  climate change”).  The   In  June  2018,  still  under  the Bulgarian  Presidency  of  the
           conference concluded with the adoption of a rule-book for   Council,  the  European  Parliament,  the  Council  and  the
           implementation  of  the  Paris  Agreement.  Among  other   European Commission had already reached an agreement
           things, the participating countries came to an agreement   in the course of trialogue negotiations on a revision of the
           on  guidelines  that  will  operationalise  the  transparency   Renewable  Energy  Directive  and  the  Energy  Efficiency
           framework and on standards for reporting CO2 emissions   Directive  as  well  as  on  the  new  Governance  Regulation
           for  transparency  and  comparability  of  their  respective   outlining for the member states how to achieve the targets
           domestic climate actions. The parties to the agreement are   set  in  their  National  Energy  and  Climate  Plans. The  final
           also expected to submit reports regularly as of 2020 on the   texts of these three pieces of legislation were published in
           measures taken to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.   the Official Journal of the European Union on 21 December
           Greenhouse  gas  emissions  across  the  globe  are  then   2018.
           supposed  to  be  measured  according  to  comparable
           standards  and  reported  to  the  United  Nations.  Overall,   Because  an  agreement  had  been  reached,  the  Austrian
           however,   there   were   still   numerous   steps   for   Presidency  of  the  Council  was  able  to  concentrate  on
           implementation to be decided. These will be addressed at   negotiations  for  the  regulation  on  an  Agency  for  the
           the next Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2019   Cooperation  of  Energy  Regulators  (ACER  regulation),  the
           in Chile (COP 25).                            regulation on the assessment and management of risks in
                                                         electricity supply (regulation on risk preparedness) as well
           Prior to the Framework Convention on Climate Change, the   as  on  the  new  electricity  market  design  (a  directive  on
           European Commission published a strategy for the long-  internal market in electricity and a regulation on internal
           term reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of the EU on   market in electricity). Key aspects here were the integration
           28 November 2018, after carrying out a public consultation.   of  renewable  energies,  the  involvement  of  consumers,
           The proposed strategy is not directly aimed at introducing   digitalisation  and  methodologies  from  the  different
           new measures or reviewing the 2030 targets. It is, rather,   regions.
           aimed at setting the course for the EU climate and energy
           policy and providing a framework for the EU’s contribution   Thus,  under  the  Austrian  Presidency  of  the  Council,  a
           to achieving the targets for global temperature established   political  agreement  was  reached  on  all  the  remaining
           in the Paris Agreement.                       aspects of the legislative framework of the “Clean Energy
                                                         for all Europeans” package.
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