Page 106 - Annual Report KELAG Group 2018
P. 106

in EUR m                 EUR
            Dividends paid in 2018 for the financial year 2017   40.0   8,000,000   5.00
            Dividends paid in 2017 for the financial year 2016   40.0   8,000,000   5.00

           In the financial year 2018 the fixed remuneration of KELAG’s Board of Directors amounted to
           EUR 467k  (prior  year:  EUR 459k),  while  variable  remuneration  totalled  EUR 355k  (prior  year:
           EUR 337k) and non-cash benefits amounted to EUR 23k (prior year: EUR 23k). All of these relate to
           short-term benefits arising from the remuneration of key management personnel in the KELAG
           Group.  Long-term  benefits  allocable  to  the  Board  of  Directors  in  the  form  of  pension
           commitments  of  EUR 3,487k  (prior  year:  EUR 2,844k)  were  accounted  for  in  the  statement  of
           financial position, of which a difference of EUR 442.1k compared to the prior year (prior year:
           EUR 554.2k) was recorded through profit or loss.

           The members of the Supervisory Board of KELAG were paid compensation of EUR 47k (prior year:
           EUR 49k).

           The KELAG Group does not have any additional material related party transactions.

           The  KELAG  Group  is  jointly  audited  by  the  companies  Ernst  &  Young  Wirtschaftsprüfungs-
           gesellschaft m.b.H. and ALPEN-ADRIA Wirtschaftsprüfung und Steuerberatung GmbH (formerly:
           MOORE STEPHENS ALPEN ADRIA Wirtschaftsprüfungs GmbH). Expenses of EUR 269k (prior year:
           EUR 293k) were incurred for the group auditors in relation to the audit of the annual financial
           statements. In addition, expenses of EUR 118k (prior year: EUR 45k) were recorded for assurance
           and other services by the audit firms.
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