Page 89 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
P. 89

Bonds                                  FLAAC       1    302.7    343.0
                                       Financial liabilities to banks and others   FLAAC   2   137.6    133.6
                                       Derivative financial instruments for finance purposes   FLHFT   2   2.0   2.0
                                       NON-CURRENT AND CURRENT FINANCIAL
                                       LIABILITIES                                             442.3    478.5
                                       Other financial instruments            FLAAC             16.8     16.8
                                       OTHER NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES                            16.8     16.8
                                       Trade payables                         FLAAC             95.4     95.4
                                       Liabilities to other investees and investors   FLAAC       2.4     2.4
                                       Liabilities to affiliates              FLAAC             26.4     26.4
                                       Derivative financial instruments relating to energy   FLHFT   2   19.0   19.0
                                       TRADE PAYABLES AND OTHER CURRENT
                                       LIABILITIES                                             143.3    143.3

                                         Aggregated by measurement category
                                         Financial liabilities at amortised cost   FLAAC       581.3    617.6
                                         Financial liabilities held for trading   FLHFT         20.9     20.9

                                      FLAAC...    Financial liabilities at amortised cost
                                      FLHFT...    financial liabilities held for trading

                                      The fair value of the financial assets and liabilities is stated at the amount at which the instrument
                                      could be exchanged in a current transaction between willing parties, other than in a forced or
                                      liquidation sale.

                                      Unless otherwise stated, the fair value of certain assets and liabilities approximates their carrying
                                      amount on account of their short terms to maturity and the good credit rating of the KELAG Group
                                      (“A/stable”). The following methods and assumptions were used to determine the fair values:

                                          Non-current,  fixed-interest  receivables  and  loans  are  measured  by  the  Group  based  on
                                          parameters such as interest rates, country-specific risk factors, individual creditworthiness of the
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