Page 70 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
P. 70

In the 2017 reporting period, the net balance of deferred tax assets and liabilities changed as

            OPENING BALANCE AS OF 1/1                              4.8         8.4
            Changes recognised through profit or loss for the period   -5.6   -4.7
            Changes recognised in other comprehensive income        0.6        1.1
            Change as a result of business combinations             0.0        0.0
            Other                                                  -0.7       -0.1
            CLOSING BALANCE AS OF 31/12                            -1.0        4.8

           The changes recognised in other comprehensive income essentially refer to gains and  losses
           recognised directly in other comprehensive income from available-for-sale financial instruments
           and to the remeasurement of net liability from defined benefit plans arising from use of the
           projected unit credit method in accordance with IAS 19 for pension obligations and statutory
           severance payments.

            Remeasurement of net liability from defined benefit plans   0.9    1.2
            Realised gains/losses from the disposal of available-for-sale financial
            instruments                                            -0.1        0.0
            Hedges                                                 -0.2       -0.2
            TOTAL INCOME TAXES                                     0.6         1.1

           Deferred tax assets have not been recognised for the following items, as it is no longer likely that
           taxable income will be available against which the deferred tax asset can be used by the Group.
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