Page 157 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
P. 157

  Austrian   wind   energy   association   website:
                                                                       E-Control website:
                                                                       Austria’s energy website:
                                                                       European  Energy  Exchange  (EEX)  home  page:
                                                                       Energy  price  data,  including  for  chart,  from  KELAG
                                                                        energy industry/trade

                                                                       Austria’s energy website:
                         The Austrian  Institute  of  Economic  Research  (WIFO)     Legal  information  system  of  the  Austrian  Federal
                         Bulletin:  Global  Economy  in  Best  Shape,  November   Chancellery:
                                                                       Association  of  Gas  and  District  Heating  Supply
                         The Austrian  Institute  of  Economic  Research  (WIFO)   Companies (FGW):
                         press  release:  Strong  Growth  Prospects  for  Austria’s

                         Economy in the medium term, October 2017
                         Economic Outlook for Austria from 2017 to 2019 by
                         the  Oesterreichische  Nationalbank  AG  (OeNB),  June
                         2017                                          Expert opinion KFS/BW 2 by the Technical Committee
                         OECD  Interim  Economic  Outlook  projections:  “Real   for  Business  Management  and  Organisation  on  the
                         GDP growth”, 21 November 2017                  Statement  of  cash  flows  as  a  supplement  to  the
                                                                        annual financial statements and a component of the
                         EU Commission, OECD – Economic growth – Change
                                                                        consolidated financial statements, issued on 27 May
                         in real GDP (%), Update: November 2017
                                                                        2008, revised in January 2016
                         EU  Commission,  International  Labour  Organization
                                                                       Expert opinion KFS/BW 3 by the Technical Committee
                         (ILO)/EUROSTAT – Unemployment rates (unemployed
                                                                        for  Business  Management  and  Organisation  on  the
                         as % of the labour force), Update: November 2017
                                                                        Recommendation  for  the  presentation  of  financial
                         IMF forecast: World economy in strongest upswing in   performance  indicators  in  the  management
                         a decade, article from on 21 November   report/group  management  report  ,  issued  on
                         2017                                           27 November 2007, revised in January 2016
                         “IMF  sees  global  economic  upswing”,  article  from

                on 21 November 2017
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