Page 155 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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foundation for a greener future. The incentive programme   measures for digitalisation will be implemented. The focus
                    run under the name “energy efficiency campaign” will in   of all considerations in the process remains on the needs of
                    future be continued and expanded under the new umbrella   customers  and  the  development  of  new  products  and
                    brand  “Carinthia’s  energy  future”.  Providing  targeted   services.  The  goal  is  to  drive  forward  KELAG’s  gradual
                    support  for  households  with extremely  low  incomes  will   development  towards  becoming  a  comprehensive  and
                    continue to be an integral component in the future. For this   innovative energy service provider.
                    purpose,  KELAG  cooperates  with  welfare  facilities  in

                    For  some  time  now  we  have  been  selling  intelligent
                    products under the “SmartHome Austria” brand to improve
                                                                  As  a  green  company,  KELAG  concentrates  on  using  and
                    energy  efficiency  as  well  as  comfort  and  safety  in
                                                                  expanding renewable energy sources. We are intentionally
                    households. In 2017, we focused on the development of
                                                                  committed  to  sustainability  in  our  corporate  philosophy
                    innovative applications and proactively addressed forward-
                                                                  and in our entrepreneurial activity. We aim to be able to
                    looking  topics  such  as  smart  metering,  photovoltaics,  e-
                                                                  strike  an  optimal  balance  between  business  stability,
                    mobility  and  energy  services  as  well  as  the  “Internet  of
                                                                  supply   reliability,   climate   protection   and   social
                    Things”. We will pursue our goal to further strengthen our
                                                                  responsibility for the long term.
                    position as a full-service provider for all areas of energy and
                    energy-related services again in the coming year.
                                                                  We  will  again  actively  communicate  our  commitment  to
                                                                  climate  protection  and  renewable  energies  in  2018.  Our
                                                                  aim is to further strengthen our entrepreneurial activities
                                                                  geared  to  sustainability  in  order  to  clearly  develop  and
                    The innovation campaign which commenced in 2016 was   further enhance KELAG’s green image. In addition, we will
                    continued  in  the  past  year  and  was  characterised  by  a   show our customers how they can make a contribution to
                    number  of  digitalisation  projects  and  open  innovation   climate protection.
                    activities. We would like to continue along this path again
                    in the coming year 2018 and focus particularly on the topics   We are intensifying the open and equal dialogue with our
                    of digitalisation and open innovation.        stakeholders regarding the opportunities and risks of the
                                                                  new energy concept and our entrepreneurial activity.
                    With  the  GreenUps  challenge  for  school  children  and
                    startups, we are seeking new ideas and business models
                    and  at  the  same  time  aim  to  establish  a  position  in  the
                    regional innovation eco-system. We also intend to intensify
                                                                  In addition to the sustainable positioning of our company,
                    an  exchange  on  innovation  through  cooperations  in  the
                                                                  consistent  market  and  customer  orientation,  operational
                    region.  Particularly  noteworthy  in  this  context  is  the
                                                                  excellence, cost management as well as digitalisation and
                    opening of the Inspire Lab, a creatively designed workspace
                                                                  the  improvement  of  our  innovative  capacity  are  key
                    set up in cooperation with the University of Klagenfurt.
                                                                  management  tasks  in  order  to  ensure  the  flexibility  and
                                                                  future sustainability of our company. In this context, we are
                    Additional focus will be placed on the further development
                                                                  continuing the “kelag2025” development project started in
                    of  fields  related  to  the  core  business,  e-mobility,
                                                                  the financial year 2014 in a targeted manner. In the future,
                    photovoltaics  and  telecommunications,  and  further
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