Page 154 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
P. 154

Despite  the  uncertainties  inherent  in  the  legal
                                                         requirements  relating  to  the  energy  industry  and  the
                                                         aforementioned overarching trends and influencing factors,
                                                         we  will  continue  to  pursue  our  strategy  of  value-based
                                                         growth and innovation in a targeted manner. A diversified
                                                         business portfolio remains the essential basis of our stable
                                                         financial and earnings power, enabling us to continue our
                                                         long-term investment programme in accordance with clear
                                                         return  and  risk  criteria.  We  have  budgeted  around
           The European energy industry has been going through a   EUR 135m for new construction and maintenance projects
           process of far-reaching transformation for many years due   for  the  financial  year  2018.  The  focus  will  remain  on
           to intervention in market mechanisms by governments and   hydroelectric and wind power projects, biomass projects in
           authorities. This change was mainly driven by Germany’s   the  heating  sector  and  the  modernisation  of  grid
           exit  from  nuclear  power  and  the  unforeseen  speed  of   infrastructure.
           additions  to  renewable  energy  capacity.  Particularly  in
           Germany and Austria, the new energy concept has led to
           economic disruptions in the individual value added stages
           of energy supply companies. Due above all to the further
           unabated  expansion  of  new  production  capacities  for
                                                         As  an  innovative  energy  service  provider,  we  provide
           renewables, we do not expect wholesale prices to recover
                                                         attractive  offerings  for  our  customers  and  consistently
           sustainably over the short or medium term.
                                                         enhance  our  product  and  services  portfolio.  New
                                                         technologies and changed customer requirements relating
           The  overarching  trends  in  the  energy  industry  in  the
                                                         to energy are major drivers of product innovation. In our
           financial year 2017 can still be described with the keywords
                                                         sales drive, we continue to press ahead with the expansion
           decarbonisation,  decentralisation  and  digitalisation.
                                                         of collaborations on sales activities throughout Austria and
           Moreover, energy supply companies are faced with direct
                                                         are  placing  greater  emphasis  on  online  offers.  The
           economic influencing factors such as the continuously high
                                                         continuous  further  development  of  Internet  self-services
           level of competition, a feeble recovery in wholesale prices
                                                         allows  customers  to  manage  a  variety  of  matters
           and  overregulation.  Building  on  our  value-based  growth
                                                         independently via a PC, smartphone or tablet.
           and innovation strategy based on renewable energies as
           well as with a focus on energy efficiency, we continued our
                                                         According to the slogan  “The future is green, digital and
           group-wide  “kelag2025  –  Wir  gestalten  Zukunft”
                                                         electric!”, KELAG launched the initiative “Carinthia’s energy
           (kelag2020  –  We  are  shaping  the  future)  development
                                                         future”  in  October  2017.  As  part  of  this  initiative,  KELAG
           project in a targeted manner in the financial year 2017 to
                                                         offers  retail  and  business  customers  as  well  as
           futureproof our business going forward. The focus of our
                                                         municipalities attractive financial assistance for innovative
           business activity is on the improvement of our performance
                                                         products  from  the  areas  of  e-mobility,  photovoltaics,
           and  innovation  culture,  cost  management  and  business
                                                         Telekom  broadband  services,  SmartHome  and  energy
           process  optimisation,  active  sales  including  product
                                                         management. The objective of the product campaign is to
           differentiation as well as innovation management.
                                                         support the customer in switching to innovative, energy-
                                                         efficient  products  and  applications  to  lay  an  important
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