Page 153 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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and  anonymously  in  case  of  legal  infringements  by
                    decision-makers  was  introduced  throughout  the  Group.   In its relationships with suppliers, the company makes sure
                    Any information obtained by the compliance officers in this   to comply with the guidelines of the code of conduct in the
                    way  must  be  treated  with  the  requisite  care  and   course of its procurement activities and therefore maintains
                    confidentiality. Preventive measures are, however, the focus   no business relationships with suppliers that are publicly
                    of  the  compliance  management  system.  In  light  of  this,   known to be in violation of the principles underlying the
                    compliance work focused on training and presentations as   Global Compact. KELAG also works to further enforce the
                    well as individual consultation and information on specific   Global Compact principles in its business relationships. The
                    issues,  where  necessary.  Group  compliance  training  has   topics of environmental protection and waste disposal as
                    been  conducted  annually  by  speakers  from  the  Baker  &   well  as  sustainability/compliance  are  therefore  fixed
                    McKenzie  law  firm  since  May  2010.  Invitations  to  the   components  of  the  general  conditions  of  contract  for
                    training  sessions  are  extended  to  the  respective  level  of   procurement.  KELAG  is  thus  very  purposely  raising
                    management that is responsible for sending the employees   awareness  of  ecological  and  social  sustainability,  also  in
                    in their areas on training. In the reporting year, a total of 417   cooperation with suppliers.
                    employees  participated  in  compliance  training,  112    GRI 102-9, 103-1, 103-2, 414-1
                    persons on the topic of anti-corruption, of which around 17%
                    were managers.
                      GRI 205-2, 410-1, 412-2

                    The code of conduct applies uniformly for KELAG. Foreign
                    subsidiaries can take into account national particularities in
                    implementing  the  code  of  conduct  if  and  insofar  as  the
                    basic principles of the group-wide code of conduct are not
                    compromised. Through its action, KELAG aims to promote
                    the  further  diffusion  of  the  principles  established  in  the
                    code of conduct. The companies with which KELAG has a
                    business  relationship  are  therefore  encouraged  to
                    voluntarily agree to abide by the guidelines of the KELAG
                    code of conduct.
                    If, in the course of such business relationships, the code of
                    conduct conflicts with another company’s ethics policies,
                    the company will do its best to find a mutually acceptable
                    solution.  The  code  of  conduct  is  the  basis  for  further
                    company  guidelines  which  can  take  into  account  both
                    industry-specific and country-specific particularities.
                     GRI 102-16, 102-17, 103-1, 103-2, 414-1
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