Page 150 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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forms  of  learning  and  a  comprehensive  transfer  of
           knowledge, such as through mentoring programmes.
             GRI 103-1, 103-2

           With a quota of around 10%, training to secure the next
           generation  of  skilled  employees  has  traditionally  been  a
           high priority. Around 1,500 trainees have received qualified
           training since 1957 and thus a good foundation for their
           continued professional success.

              GRI 404-2                                  One of KELAG’s responsibilities as a business is to enhance
                                                         the  principle  of  sustainability  internally.  In  order  to
                                                         familiarise employees and managers with forward-looking
                                                         topics, introduce new ways of thinking and open up new
           Balancing work and family life is an important component
                                                         perspectives,  the  KELAG  think  tank  was  designed  in  the
           of  future-orientated  and  modern  human  resources
                                                         company  and  implemented  as  a  discussion  platform  for
           management;  accordingly,  all  employees  are  entitled  to
                                                         sociopolitical topics on KELAG’s radar. In 2017, Marcus Gull
           parental leave. Five women and nine men made use of their
                                                         spoke  about  storytelling,  offering  food  for  thought  and
           entitlement to parental leave in the financial year 2017. Six
                                                         discussion on the enhancement of brand strategy.
           women and six men returned to work at the company at the
           end of their parental leave. Of those who returned to work   GRI 103-1, 103-2
           at the company in the financial year 2016, ten women and
           four men were employed for at least twelve months as of
           the reporting date 31 December 2016; all of the latter were   The  company  sees  it  as  one  of  its  tasks  to  support  its
           also still employed by the company twelve months later.   employees  through  healthcare  promotion,  to  prevent

             GRI 401-3                                   illnesses and to improve and maintain their wellbeing at the
                                                         workplace  in  the  long  term.  As  part  of  the  occupational
                                                         healthcare promotion project, a “Gesundheitsstraße” (road
           KELAG  enjoys  a  high  level  of  employee  retention  at  the   to good health) was offered again in 2017 to increase the
           company.  Employee  turnover  in  the  reporting  year  was   awareness of every individual of his or her own individual
           around  6.2%.  This  figure  represents  that  proportion  of   potential for staying healthy – based on results of previous
           employees  (including  trainees  with  a  fixed-term   years.
           employment  contract  as  required  by  law)  that  left  the   Access  control  at  the  KELAG  headquarters  was  also
           Group during the reporting period and also includes those   implemented in the financial year 2017. This has ensured
           employees  who  left  the  company  due  to  retirement  or   that the building is secured against unauthorised entry to
           special phased retirement (“Altersteilzeit”) schemes.   protect property and prevent criminal offences.
             GRI 401-1
                                                           GRI 103-1, 103-2

                                                         The health and safety of its employees is of great concern
                                                         for KELAG. It takes its responsibility of providing health and
                                                         occupational  safety  for  its  employees  very  seriously.  All
                                                         measures necessary for the protection of human life, health
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