Page 149 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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to support employees in learning independent of time and
                    location.  To  avoid  having  to  send  employees  from  all
                    regions of Austria to the headquarters for comprehensive
                    training,  a  digital  conference  solution  in  the  training
                    division offers savings in travel costs and travel time.

                      GRI 404-2

                    The KELAG leadership programme which was commenced
                                                                    GRI 404-1
                    in  2017  as  a  development  programme  for  the  upper
                    management  level  is  also  in  keeping  with  the  strategic
                    alignment  of  the  Group  to  further  support  the
                                                                  In a fair and open annual employee performance review,
                    implementation  of  the  KELAG  strategy  and  culture.
                                                                  the  employee’s  performance  is  assessed,  focusing  on
                    Participants  have  been  able  to  increase  their  own
                                                                  promoting  performance  potential  as  well  as  a  plan  for
                    accountability  and  power  to  act,  network  the  business
                                                                  employee  development.  In  addition,  individual  skill
                    divisions of the company more extensively as well as place
                                                                  assessments as well as the targeted development of high
                    the focus more deliberately on the customer.
                                                                  potentials  are  implemented  as  part  of  the  talent
                      GRI 103-1, 103-2
                                                                  management  system.  Moreover,  through  the  annual
                                                                  assessment of training needs, future measures for needs-
                    Around  17%  of  the  employees  could  be  eligible  for
                                                                  based training are defined.
                    retirement  in  the  next  five  years,  90  employees  in  the
                    commercial area and 146 employees in the technical area.    GRI 404-3
                    Around  33%  of  the  employees  could  be  eligible  for
                    retirement  in  the  next  ten  years,  154  employees  in  the
                    commercial area and 312 employees in the technical area.
                                                                  The  seminar  offering  for  managers  was  enhanced  with
                      GRI 201-3
                                                                  components  to  facilitate  the  discussion  of  individual
                                                                  management situations with a view to employee life cycle
                                                                  management. Special seminars provide training on skills for
                                                                  actively  shaping  change  and  focus  on  the  transfer  of
                                                                  knowledge from retiring employees to younger employees.
                                                                  In  2017,  KELAG  managers  on  the  third  and  fourth  levels
                                                                  participated  in  a  comprehensive  leadership  programme,
                                                                  which is an important part of kelag2025 and at the same

                                                                  time was perceived as a development service offered by HR
                                                                  for  managers.  The  programme  primarily  supported  the
                    Employees are provided with the best possible support and
                                                                  implementation  and  further  development  of  the  KELAG
                    further training within the Group through comprehensive,
                                                                  strategy  and  corporate  culture  and  thus  generates
                    needs-based  and  targeted  measures  for  further
                                                                  extensive  capacity  for  change  within  the  Group.  At  the
                    development with the highest quality standards. In total,
                                                                  same  time,  this  path  was  reinforced  in  personnel
                    958 group employees participated in 3,227 training days in
                                                                  development and focus was placed on the development of
                                                                  forward-looking skills, and the key focal points were new
                      GRI 103-1, 103-2, 404-1
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