Page 147 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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marketing to safeguard the Group’s expertise for the future
                                                                  and to guarantee its positioning as an attractive employer.
                     GRI 102-8
                                                                   GRI 103-1, 103-2

                                                                  Following successful recertification by the Austrian Federal
                    In  the  context  of  the  ever-growing  complexity  and  a
                                                                  Ministry  of  Family  and  Youth,  KELAG  was  once  again
                    dynamic  market  environment,  a  number  of  measures  in
                                                                  confirmed as a sustainable and family-oriented company in
                    personnel management were implemented at the KELAG
                                                                  the autumn of 2016. The company has now held the “audit
                    Group.  Underlying  factors  such  as  demographic  change
                                                                  beruf und familie” (work-and-family audit) certificate since
                    and  labour  market  shortages  necessitate  long-term
                                                                  the  autumn  of  2013.  Creating  family-friendly  work
                    personnel planning and retention activities together with
                                                                  conditions  is  recognised  as  a  key  factor  in  promoting
                    the  systematic,  requirements-based  development  of
                                                                  employee satisfaction.
                    employees.  In  the  process,  the  methods  and  tools  of
                    personnel  management  in  particular  are  continually   The  magazine  “trend”  evaluated  and  rated  the  best  300
                    enhanced to support the implementation of the corporate   employers  in  Austria  in  cooperation  with  partners
                    strategy.                                     according to various criteria. KELAG was given the excellent
                                                                  ranking  of  22nd  among  the top  employers in  Austria.  In
                     GRI 103-1, 103-2
                                                                  Carinthia,  it  was  ranked  2nd,  which  confirms  its
                                                                  attractiveness as an employer on the labour market.
                                                                   GRI 103-1, 103-2, 401-3
                    In 2017, personnel management proactively addressed the
                    following  key  points  in  the  areas  of  strategic  personnel
                                                                  To  ensure  the  continuous  improvement  of  working
                    management  as  well  as  performance  management  and
                                                                  conditions  as  well  as  safeguard  the  rights  of  employees,
                    personnel  development: The  360°  feedback  concept  was
                                                                  there  is  regular  communication  between  employee
                    introduced  in  the  Group  in  order  to  give  managers  the
                                                                  representatives  and  employer  representatives.  For  job
                    opportunity  to  reflect  upon  how  they  are  performing  in
                                                                  satisfaction  and  the  well-being  of  employees,  it  is  very
                    their individual roles and responsibilities. This instrument
                                                                  important that employees are able to determine their own
                    serves  purely  for  development  and  not  assessment
                                                                  working  time.  To  meet  these  needs,  KELAG  offers  its
                    purposes. Questionnaires are used to encourage feedback
                                                                  employees options for flexible working hours.
                    from the position of  “manager, employee, colleague and
                    self-image”  based  on  the  Group’s  competence  model  as   GRI 402-1, 407-1
                    well as additional topics from culture diagnoses. The overall
                    picture  is  used  to  determine  specific  development   To  make  the  attractiveness  of  the  company  visible
                    measures for the managers. The “Job Families” project also   externally,  various  employer  branding  and  personnel
                    supports the development of a company-wide functional   marketing measures are carried out every year. An example
                    and  transparent  structure.  An  annual  evaluation  of  the   of this is the KELAG scholarship programme. The objective
                    career profiles and functions based on market analyses as   is  for  ambitious  young  academics to  get in contact  with
                    well  as  existing  collective  agreements  and  company   KELAG  and  get  to  know  the  company  as  an  attractive
                    agreements ensures the quality of “Job Families” and lays   employer  early  on.  Ideally,  prospective  employees  for
                    the foundation for a modern salary system. Using this as a   vacant  positions  can  be  approached  at  an  early  stage.
                    basis,  measures  are  taken  in  recruitment  and  personnel   Further  activities  include  participating  in  job  fairs,
                                                                  cooperations  with  schools  and  hiring  for  internships,  to
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