Page 146 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
P. 146

Carinthia than in the entire prior year; there were around
           5,450  new  registrations  throughout  Austria  in  2017.  In
           addition to the rapidly increasing availability of e-vehicles
           and  the  better  developed  charging  infrastructure  with
           higher  output  capacities,  financial  assistance  also
           constitutes an incentive to switch to e-mobility. As part of
           “Carinthia’s  energy  future”,  KELAG  offers  its  customers
           attractive financial assistance for e-vehicles and recharging
           units. KELAG provides 187 charging stations at 75 locations
           in  Carinthia,  at  which  e-vehicle  drivers  can  fill  up  their
           vehicles  with  electricity  from  100%  hydroelectric  power
           and green energy. KELAG automotive electricity customers
           thus have access to all charging points of the easily largest
           recharging network in Austria.

           Moreover,  e-vehicle  drivers  have  had  access  to  all  the
           information they need for entering the world of e-mobility
           in the new KELAG competence centre for e-mobility since
           February 2017. The offerings range from public to private
           charging infrastructure, that is from rapid-charging stations
           through to private recharging units for the garage in single
           family detached homes. The competence centre also tests
           e-vehicles  and  e-scooters  as  well  as  e-bicycles.  The
           objective of the company is to provide customers practical
           support, give them advice on e-mobility independent of
           brands and offer them KELAG’s attractive product portfolio.
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