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Smart   metering   stands   for   sustainable   energy
                                                                  management – which means that customers should benefit
                    The world is becoming a network, everything happens at
                                                                  from efficient energy consumption. As a first step for this,
                    the  same  time,  information  is  available  simultaneously,
                                                                  an  attractive  application  –  the  GreenApp  –  has  been
                    globally and without restriction. The rapid development of
                                                                  developed  at  KELAG  which,  for  example,  presents  an
                    the  ever-increasing  high-performance  capabilities  of
                                                                  overview  of  energy  consumption  and  use  patterns  and
                    information technology and telecommunications opens up
                                                                  explains invoices transparently for the customer. In addition,
                    completely  new  opportunities  across  the  entire  value
                                                                  the GreenApp also supports diverse sustainable projects in
                    added chain. Digitalisation will permeate all areas of life and
                    business at an ever-faster rate. If climate protection and the
                                                                   GRI 103-1, 103-2, 304-3
                    new energy concept are to be taken seriously, an intelligent
                    digital energy system based on renewables energies is also    see also Electricity and natural gas grid
                      GRI 103-1, 103-2
                                                                  The energy industry is confronted with a new dimension of
                                                                  digitalisation in the form of the exponential growth of data.
                    Digitalisation is one of the key success factors for the future.
                                                                  Experts also like to refer to it as Big Data. The company is
                    E-business has become a decisive success factor in many
                                                                  prepared for this as well as the related requirements, such
                    business areas, for example, in marketing communications
                                                                  as  data  protection  and  data  security,  and  is  adapting  its
                    as  well  as  customer  acquisition  and  customer  loyalty.
                                                                  processes and systems continuously.
                    Already over 50% of Internet users visiting the company
                    websites  use  mobile  devices.  The  newly  developed
                                                                  The data in the smart meters already in use are transferred
                    PlusClub  app  allows  customers  to  redeem  all  vouchers
                                                                  exclusively in encrypted form to headquarters, similar to a
                    electronically for the first time, meaning resources can be
                                                                  bank  transaction  at  a  cash  point.  The  data  are  also
                    saved  sustainably  while  at  the  same  time  increasing  the
                                                                  processed  and  forwarded  in  a  responsible  manner.  Data
                    speed and flexibility for developing the offers.
                                                                  security is not a new concept for the Group and has been
                     GRI 103-1, 103-2, 417-1, GRI Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures
                      see also Distribution                       established practice for decades. The only thing that is new
                                                                  is the quantity of data that is transferred and processed. A
                                                                  well-secured company server landscape has been set up to
                    By  2023,  KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  will  replace  around   handle  this.  Within  the  scope  of  legal  requirements,
                    300,000 Ferraris meters with electronic measuring devices   customers  can  decide  for  themselves  what  data  are
                    with  remote  readouts. The  smart  meter  project  is  by  far   transferred to the company. Very little information on the
                    KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH’s  largest  project;  around   behaviour  of  individual  customers  can  be  gathered  by
                    EUR 140m will be invested in this undertaking. This project   means of consumption data.
                    also  includes  the  development  and  operation  of   GRI 103-1, 103-2, 416-1, 418-1
                    infrastructure for transmission, storage and processing of
                    data as well as the provision of these data for customers, for
                    energy  suppliers  and  for  the  preparation  of  invoices.  At
                    peak times, up to 120 trained specialists will be involved in
                    the implementation of the smart meter installation.
                                                                  The importance of e-mobility is continuing to grow. In the
                     GRI 203-1                                    first half of 2017 alone, more e-vehicles were registered in
                      see also Electricity and natural gas grid
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