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environment  with  frequently  new  market players,  KELAG
           KELAG produces sufficient electricity to supply all its retail   relies  on  its  wide  range  of  corresponding  products  and
           and business customers (including municipalities) with   various  rates  and  price  packages  as  well  as  its  strategic
           electricity stemming exclusively from hydroelectric power   cooperation partners. Being a sustainable energy supplier,
           and green energy. But in order to supply key accounts as   electricity and heat based on renewable energy sources are
           well, electricity has to be procured externally. Every   generated by the company itself, and it continues to rely on
           supplier of electricity is legally required to disclose its mix
                                                         the  core  competences  in  the  fields  of  hydroelectric  and
           of primary energy sources in its annual financial
                                                         wind power as well as extracting heat from biomass and
           statements and in its advertising materials. The company
                                                         waste heat. To balance out the fluctuations in renewable
           discloses electricity stemming exclusively from
                                                         energy  production  with  the  demand  for  energy  and  to
           hydroelectric power and green energy. The guarantees of
                                                         optimise  energy  systems  taking  into  account  the
           origin stem from Austria (47.84%) and Norway (52.16%).
           No CO2 emissions or radioactive waste is generated in the   combination of heat and electricity, efforts in the areas of
           production of KELAG’s supplier mix.           system  services  and  versatile  products  are  continuously
                                                         being expanded.
                                                            GRI 102-2, 102-6, 103-1, 103-2, 417-1
                                                           see also Business divisions

             GRI 103-1, 103-2, 417-1                     As  an  operator  of  distribution  grids  for  electricity  and
                                                         natural gas in Carinthia, KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH provides
                                                         non-discriminatory access to the grid infrastructure to all
                                                         customers  and  energy  suppliers.  Reliability  of  energy
                                                         supply  and  the  acknowledgment  of  social  responsibility
                                                         provide an important basis for Carinthia as a business and
           The  increase  in  energy  efficiency  and  the  expansion  of
                                                         energy hub.
           renewable  energies  are  expected  to  contribute  to  the
                                                           GRI 103-1, 103-2, 203-1, GRI Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures
           decarbonisation  of  the  energy  system.  The  new  energy
           concept involves a paradigm shift. Local, small generation
           units and storage facilities are reaching market readiness   Extensive  investments  in  the  medium-  and  low-voltage
           and are increasingly being installed by customers on their   grids over the 2017 financial year were aimed at continuing
           own premises. As part of the initiative “Carinthia’s energy   to guarantee customers in Carinthia the premium quality of
           future”,  KELAG  positions  itself  even  more  firmly  as  a   electricity supply to which they are accustomed. The areas
           prosumer product supplier and energy service provider.   of focus were the renewal of the 20 kV switchgears at the
                                                         Radenthein and Schaltwerk Arriach substations as well as
           At  the  same  time,  it  is  not  possible  or  attractive  for  the   the  renewal  of  the  110  kV  switchgear  at  the  St.  Veit
           majority of customers to produce their own energy, and a   substation.  In  total,  KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  invested
           more  economical,  safer  and  more  ecological  way  of   EUR 44.7m in grid infrastructure in the financial year 2017.
           consuming  energy  remains  the  main  priority.  In  an   GRI 203-1, GRI Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures
                                                           see also Investments and maintenance
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