Page 140 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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approximately  443,000  metric  tons  of  CO2.  The  direct   calculated  mathematically  currently  comes  to  almost  1.8
           emissions result largely from fuels for heating plants.   million metric tons per year.
                                                            GRI 103-1, 103-2, 305-5

                                                            GRI 305-5
              GRI 305-1, 305-2
                                                         Because its heat production is partially based on fossil fuels,
                                                         CO2 emission  allowances are issued exclusively to KELAG
           In an average year, the Group produces around 3,361 GWh   Wärme GmbH and, with optimised plant operation, saved
           of  electricity  with  its  existing  power  plants  based  on   for subsequent years.
           renewable  energies.  For  the  production  of  electricity   GRI Electric Utilities Sector Disclosures
           according  to  the  European  energy  mix  (ENTSO  e-mix)
           applicable for 2015, this would result in 343.84 g of carbon
           dioxide per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced. With its
                                                         The  infrastructure  projects  of  the  Group  are  generally
           power  plants,  purchase  rights  and  investments,  the
                                                         characterised  by  a  high  degree  of  complexity  of  issues
           company  contributes  to  avoiding  around  1.16  million
                                                         surrounding  biodiversity.  This  relates  to  all  measures
           metric tons of CO2 every year.
                                                         concerning  the  supply  network  as  well  as  to  various
                                                         projects in connection with production facilities. In all areas,
           A considerable amount of CO2 emissions is avoided in the
                                                         integrating the licensing authorities responsible in a timely
           area of heat production by using renewable energies and
                                                         manner, as early as the planning and project development
           by using waste heat from industrial processes as compared
                                                         phase,  ensures  that  all  environment-related  effects
           with  individual  heating  systems  with  fossil  fuels  and
                                                         originating  from  the  project  are  taken  into  account.
           heating oils. Environmentally compatible heat production
                                                         Appropriate measures to prevent, eliminate or reduce the
           translates  into  more  than  437,000 metric  tons  of  CO2
                                                         impact on the environment are determined in cooperation
           avoided each year. Additionally, customers are supported
                                                         with the authorities responsible and supported right from
           and  advised  in  the  application  process  for  financial
                                                         the  start.  KELAG  is  very  careful  to  keep  measures  that
                                                         modify the environment to a minimum.
           Through  the  incineration  of  residual  waste  as  compared
                                                         KELAG has constructed or modernised fish ladders at a total
           with landfill, around 163,000 metric tons of CO2 are avoided
                                                         of 14 run-of-the-river power plants in the past two years, for
           each year by Kärntner Restmüllverwertungs GmbH. Thus,
                                                         which EUR 4.2m was invested. In this context, the company
           the amount of CO2 emissions avoided by the KELAG Group
                                                         demonstrated that it is making a special effort despite the
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