Page 139 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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regulations,  the  use  of  biomass  in  the  Group’s  heating   example, the enerlyse Monitoring and enerlyse Checkup as
                    plants was not factored in the calculation.   well as professional energy consulting services for retail and
                                                                  business  customers.  In  line  with  customer  requirements,
                    The indirect energy comsumption provides information on   service-oriented   and   innovative   components   are
                    the secondary energy purchased externally and consumed.   constantly being added to the Group’s range of products
                    This  includes  the  energy  that  is  required  for  both  pump   and services. For instance, the blower door air tightness test
                    storage and grid losses as well as the electrical energy used   was  introduced  as  an  additional  product  for  quality
                    for  administration  and  day-to-day  operations.  This   assurance during construction. The continued high level of
                    consumption in the reporting year came to around 3.2 PJ   customer interest in KELAG energy consulting services is
                    and  of  this  around  37%  was  produced  from  renewable   confirmed by the some 5,000 energy consulting services
                    energy  sources.  In  addition  to  the  production  and   that were rendered in the financial year 2017 (2016: around
                    consumption  volumes,  the  calculation  factors  in  the   5,000).  In  addition,  KELAG  organises  energy  days  for
                    environmental  impact  of  the  ENTSO  e-mix  (European   municipalities at which residents receive competent advice
                    Network   of   Transmission   System   Operators   –   on  the planning of heating systems and on the financial
                    Electricity/European  energy  mix  (343.84  g  CO2/kWh))   assistance programmes available.
                    pursuant to E-Control’s 2015 power labelling report.    GRI 102-2, 103-1, 103-2, 302-4, 417-1
                      GRI 302-1
                                                                  The  product  portfolio  is  expanded  on  an  ongoing  basis:
                                                                  With the new “PV Check” product, customers can have their
                    The company launched its energy efficiency campaign in   photovoltaic  systems  checked  to  make  sure  they  are
                    2014  with  the  objective  of  making  a  long-term   functioning  properly.  Retail  and  business  customers  can
                    commitment to climate protection and energy efficiency   determine their energy-saving potential themselves using
                    and  acknowledging  social  responsibility.  The  campaign   the interactive energy consultant ( All advice
                    comprises  a  five-year  package  of  measures  aimed  at   provided  by  KELAG’s  energy  consulting  team  centres  on
                    reducing energy consumption. Alongside retail customers,   customer benefits and responsibility for climate protection
                    target  groups  also  include  business  customers  and   and energy efficiency.
                    municipalities.  An  integral  component  is  also  providing
                    targeted  support  for  households  with  extremely  low   In the area of heat pump applications, KELAG supported
                    incomes. For this purpose, KELAG cooperates with welfare   around 300 new installations in 2017. In conjunction with
                    facilities in  Carinthia.  At the  same  time, this  campaign is   “power  partners”  –  selected  technicians,  electricians  and
                    KELAG’s contribution to the EEffG (Austrian Federal Energy   manufacturers  –  KELAG  offers  retail  and  business
                    Efficiency Act) applicable since 1 January 2015.   customers financial assistance in this context for heating,
                                                                  photovoltaics  and  energy  systems.  Alternatively,  KELAG
                      GRI 103-1, 103-2, 302-4
                                                                  also  promotes  these  energy-efficient  products  as  part  of
                                                                  the KELAG energy efficiency campaign.
                    KELAG  is  driving  forward  its  positioning  as  a  full-service    GRI 102-2, 103-1, 103-2, 302-4, 417-1
                    provider in the field of renewables and energy efficiency.
                    Owing to the increasing interest of customers in energy-
                    saving  measures,  it  offers  attractive  industry-specific   In  the  reporting  year,  the  total  of  direct  and  indirect
                    energy  services.  The  product  portfolio  comprises,  for   emissions   calculated   mathematically   came   to
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