Page 133 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
P. 133

GRI content index
                    For the preparation of non-financial information, KELAG has followed the current guidelines of the Global Reporting
                    Initiative (GRI) under the “Core” option. Using a participatory method, the GRI develops guidelines for the preparation of
                    sustainability reports by large corporations, small and medium-sized companies, governments and non-governmental
                    organisations. The GRI sees itself as an ongoing international dialogue that engages a variety of stakeholder groups. The
                    basis of reporting in accordance with GRI criteria is transparency; the objective is standardisation and comparability. The
                    GRI guidelines are intended to support sustainable development worldwide and at the same time offer corresponding
                    decision-making aids and guidance. The GRI content index at the end of the report indicates where the information on
                    sustainability can be found.
                      GRI 102-46, 102-48, 102-49, 102-54, 102-55
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