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As the leading energy service provider in Austria, KELAG is aware of its responsibility for sustainability and is taking active
           measures in this area. The sustainability strategy is supported by all companies included in the consolidated financial
           statements. The sustainability  report entitled  “Wertvoll” has  provided  a  channel  of  communication  for raising  public
           awareness for many years. The non-financial information has been integrated in the management report of the annual
           report this year for the first time, thus meeting the increasing need for information.

           In accordance with statutory requirements, this report contains all information that is required to gain an understanding
           of the development and performance of the business and the position of the company as well as the impact of its activities
           and which at least concerns environmental, social and personnel matters, the respect for human rights and the fight
           against corruption and bribery. In some cases, more information can be found on the KELAG website or in other sections
           of the annual report. These are cross-referenced in the report.

           The concepts implemented, their results as well as the associated processes of analysis are presented in their entirety.
           Significant opportunities and risks which could have an impact on these matters have been covered in the section above.
           A description of the business model is presented in the introductory sections of the management report, which describe
           the business divisions and strategies in detail. The content of the report is orientated toward the information needs of the
           stakeholders as well as the fields of action of the KELAG materiality matrix. In the preparation of the materiality matrix,
           those topics were identified which entail opportunities as well as risks for KELAG and its stakeholders. The relevant topics
           were ranked as important by KELAG in order to reflect the most comprehensive overview possible of the economic,
           ecological and social impact or to influence the decision-making of stakeholders.
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