Page 126 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
P. 126

research  projects  and  assessments  that  are  undertaken
                                                         across  the  entire  value  added  chain  of  electricity  supply
                                                         from a technical, legal and social perspective. An active part
                                                         is being taken in the discussions, work and projects of the
                                                         “Research and Innovation” committee.

           In  the  area  of  research  and  development,  the  company
           focuses  on  application-driven  activities,  primarily  in
           cooperation  with  universities  and  institutes  of  higher
           education.  The  cooperation  with  the  University  of
           Klagenfurt  in  the  form  of  an  endowed  professorship  for
           “sustainable  energy  management”  requires  a  special
           mention  in  this  context.  Cooperation  projects  with  the
           aforementioned  institutions  often  take  the  form  of
           Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.

           Current,  application-driven  R&D  projects  relate  to  the
           following topics: use of battery storage in electrical grids;
           technical  diagnosis  of  operating  resources,  such  as  the
           introduction of a cable diagnostics management system,
           assessment of the condition of operating resources using
           Big Data, performance of isolated operation tests for grid
           restoration as well as grounding systems in high-voltage
           and  low-voltage  grids.  Further  considerations  relating  to
           smart grids and smart metering, in some cases addressed
           in  cooperation  with  industry  partners,  continue  to  be  of

           Supplementary to our own activities, R&D projects are co-
           financed under the “Research and Innovation” committee
           of  Oesterreichs  Energie,  the  Austrian  energy  advocacy
           group.  Oesterreichs  Energie  initiates  and  coordinates
           projects in the interest of Austria’s electricity sector. In 2017,
           a  new  focus  was  placed  on  “Innovation  and  Start-Up
           Projects”. This will be developed alongside the traditional
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