Page 118 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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GWh due to the colder weather and the resulting greater   The  “KELAG  Digital  Mailroom”  project  went  live  as  of
           number of heating degree days.                1 December 2017. Incoming mail (paper, email, etc.) is now
                                                         scanned  and  digitalised  in  the  mailroom  and  at  certain
           Heat  sales  increased  in  comparison  to  the  prior  year  by   branch offices (automated delivery to downstream systems,
           89 GWh  or  4.9%  to  1,913  GWh  as  a  result  of  newly   downstream  processes  and  delivery  to  individual  mail
           concluded district heating supply contracts as well as the   recipients). In addition to boosting efficiency, this enhances
           prevailing weather conditions.                the quality of handling incoming mail, as mail items can
                                                         now be accessed at all times and at any location.

                                                         As  part  of  the  ISMS  ISO27001  project,  an  integrated
                                                         management  system  for  information  security  and  data
                                                         protection was established and subsequently certified in
                                                         accordance with ISO/IEC 27.001. By taking this step, both
           This business division covers the general management and
                                                         information security and data protection will be integrated
           steering  functions  as  well  as  activities  in  the  field  of
                                                         into  regular  operations  and  daily  work  routines,  thus
           investments   and   activities   in   the   field   of
                                                         increasing  the  level  of  protection  for  the  company  on  a
                                                         sustainable basis.
                                                         At  the  beginning  of  January  2017,  KELAG  presented  the
           The investment in VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH of 10.02%   town of Villach the broadband master plan for the entire
           is  worth  mentioning  at  this  point  on  account  of  its   Villach district. This master plan provides the basis for the
           significance.                                 expansion of the fibre optic cable network in the individual
                                                         districts  of  Villach.  Work  is  currently  in  progress  on
                                                         implementing  further  master  plans  for  municipalities  in

           In the financial year 2017, the data currently available were
                                                         The marketing of telecom services in the area of fiber optic
           examined internally by IT/Telecommunications for further
                                                         connections for industrial and commercial customers led to
           data  analysis  requirements  in  the  context  of  Big
                                                         the acquisition of well-known companies in Carinthia, such
           Data/Analytics. At the same time, Infineon was engaged to
                                                         as  Privatbrauerei  Hirt  Vertrieb  GmbH,  LOGMEDIA  GmbH
           examine  data  correlations  based  on  business-related
                                                         and Beton-Ring St. Veit Ges.m.b.H & Co KG as well as CCL
           production data and distribution grid data.
                                                         Industries GmbH, as customers in the financial year 2017.
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