Page 116 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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damage to the KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH supply network.
           Customers in the Klagenfurt Land and Völkermarkt districts   At  17,624 GWh  in  the  financial  year  2017,  the  Group’s
           were especially affected by power outages  – up to 6,000   electricity  production  decreased  by  88 GWh  or  0.5%
           customer systems were temporarily without electric power.   compared  to  the  prior  year.  While  the  level  of  energy
           KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH deployed around 230 technicians   produced by the Group itself suffered from the significantly
           to restore power as quickly as possible. It took nearly one   lower water levels in the past financial year, with a water
           week to restore power to all customers. Repair work on the   flow  quota  of  86.0%  (2016: 95.5%)  and  decreased  by
           supply network will continue until mid-2018.   280 GWh  to  2,725 GWh,  electricity  sourced  from  third
                                                         parties increased by 193 GWh or 1.3% to 14,900 GWh.
           The  re-organised  Austrian  technical  service  for  power
           interruption in the medium- and low-voltage grids of KNG   The  external  electricity  sales  of  the  Group  decreased  to
           proved very reliable in this context. Thanks to the increased   16,740 GWh. This corresponds to a year-on-year decrease of
           flexibility in the deployment of personnel and the use of   259 GWh or 1.5%.
           state-of-the-art  technology,  the  usual  high  quality  of
           containing and eliminating interruptions was maintained   The unit sales to end customers of 4,132 GWh were around
           at lower cost.                                3.4% above the prior-year level (3,996 GWh). Around 58% of
                                                         business  customer  unit  sales  in  2017  were  allocable  to
                                                         customers outside Carinthia.

                                                         In comparison to the prior year, gas production decreased
           According  to  an  analysis  performed  in  the  financial  year
                                                         by 265 GWh or 11.9% to 1,957 GWh.
           2017,  KELAG  believes  that  presenting  the  information
           purely on a net basis best corresponds to the purpose and
                                                         Group-wide gas sales decreased by 270 GWh or 12.2% to a
           management  of  these  energy  trading  activities  and
                                                         total  of  1,937 GWh. The  decrease  is  mainly  the  result  of
           therefore results in a more informative presentation for the
                                                         lower unit sales to end customers.
           users  of  the  financial  statements.  This  is  because  the
           contracts  in  this  division  are  used  purely  for  trading
           purposes and are managed accordingly on a net basis. In
                                                         The  electricity  grid  sales  of  KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH
           accordance with the requirements of IAS 8, the prior-year
                                                         increased  in  the  financial  year  2017  by  around 1.0%  to
           figures have been adjusted accordingly.
                                                         4,208 million kWh compared to the prior year.
                                                         Grid  sales  of natural  gas  decreased  on  the  financial  year
                                                         2016 by 2.1% to 2,178 million kWh.
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