Page 115 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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who have a smart meter have been gradually expanded. In   (Verwaltungsgerichtshof - VwGH). In June 2016, the federal
                    the social media channels of the Group, record figures for   administrative court stated in  an  appeal hearing  that  no
                    fan  numbers,  reach,  interactions  and  video  views  were   environmental impact assessment approval is required for
                    achieved this year. For the first time, more than 1,000 items   the 220/110 kV Villach Süd support grid project. This was
                    are  on  sale  in  the  KELAG-myShop.  The  area  of  online   confirmed in June 2017  by the rejection by the Austrian
                    advertising is expanded on an ongoing basis. With cross-  Higher  Administrative  Court  of  the  extraordinary  appeal
                    media  campaigns,  we  reach  customers  in  numerous   applied  for  by  the Villach  and Finkenstein municipalities.
                    channels and intensify the message and advertising impact.  Work is in progress at state level with regard to re-issuing
                    Mobile  apps  have  also  come  to  play  a  crucial  role  in  e-  the  required  assessment  notices.  Construction  work  is
                    business. In total, the company operates six apps with more   expected to recommence in 2018.
                    than 70,000 downloads.

                    The  challenge  here  is  utilising  these  technologies  in  a   The implementation of smart meters across the board is the
                    targeted manner to optimise operations and to pave the   largest project for KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH to date, and a
                    way for innovative products and value added services. A   particular challenge in a number of ways.
                    group-wide  team  called  “Digital  Lab”  was  established  to
                    support  cross-functional  digitalisation  projects.  Group  IT   KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH  continued  the  implementation
                    has  a  central  role  here  with  its  open  applications   measures for the legally required smart meter rollout in the
                    environment and its extensive data platforms forming the   financial  year  2017.  Important  milestones  of  the  project
                    technical basis for all issues addressed.     were the go live of the first stage of production of the meter
                                                                  data management system and the commencement of the
                                                                  nationwide rollout in July 2017. Approximately 10,00 smart
                                                                  meters have been installed to date. The coordination of the
                                                                  assembly  activities  is  supported  through  the  use  of
                    As  an  operator  of  distribution  grids  for  electricity  and
                                                                  automated planning and optimisation processes with the
                    natural gas in Carinthia, KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH provides
                                                                  help  of  workforce  management  software.  In  addition,
                    non-discriminatory access to the grid infrastructure to all
                                                                  measures  for  the  organisational  and  technical  business
                    customers  and  energy  suppliers.  The  high-performance
                                                                  processes for the go live of the second production phase of
                    grid infrastructure has to be functional around the clock,
                                                                  the meter data management system for 2018 were taken
                    365  days  a  year.  KNG-Kärnten  Netz  GmbH’s  main  tasks
                                                                  and additional capacities for the assembly activities were
                    include managing operations, expanding the distribution
                                                                  made available.
                    grids  for  electricity  and  natural  gas  in  line  with
                    requirements,  ensuring  necessary  maintenance  and
                    providing efficient repair management.
                                                                  Power  interruptions  in  2017  included  around  3,000
                                                                  deployments of specialists and were marked by two major
                                                                  events. At the beginning of August, severe thunderstorms
                    Construction of the 220/110 kV Villach Süd substation and
                                                                  and bad weather in central and upper Carinthia resulted in
                    the associated 110 kV line connection required to secure
                                                                  up  to  13,000  customer  systems  being  without  electric
                    the  future  electricity  supply  in  the  Villach  region  was
                                                                  power at the same time. On 11 December, the Fönstorm
                    interrupted in October 2015 as a result of a decision by the
                                                                  Yves [storm in the northern Alps arriving from the south]
                    Austrian    Higher     Administrative   Court
                                                                  with wind speeds up to 150 km per hour caused massive
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