Page 114 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
P. 114

Energy   trading   that   goes   beyond   asset
           marketing/optimisation  is  conducted  in  accordance  with   According  to  the  guiding  principle  “The  future  is  green,
           strict  risk  management  rules. The  related  energy  trading   digital  and  electric!”,  the  company  commenced  the
           contracts  (forward  contracts  for  electricity  and  gas)  are   initiative “Carinthia’s energy future” at the end of October.
           measured at fair value through profit or loss. The result from   As part of this initiative, retail and business customers as
           the measurement and realisation of these energy trading   well as municipalities are offered attractive and innovative
           contracts is reported at the net value.       products  from  the  areas  of  e-mobility,  photovoltaics,
                                                         Telekom  broadband  services,  SmartHome  and  energy
                                                         management. The objective of the product campaign is to
                                                         support  the  customer  in  switching  to  energy-efficient
                                                         products and applications to lay an important foundation
           Competition  in  the  end  consumer  segment  of  the
                                                         for  a  greener  future. The  incentive  programme  that  was
           electricity market is consistently high in light of aggressive
                                                         commenced under the name “Energy efficiency campaign”
           pricing, intensified campaigning as well as the entry of new
                                                         continues  under  the  new  umbrella  brand  “Carinthia’s
           competitors  in  all  consumer  segments.  The  number  of
                                                         energy future”.
           customers who have changed provider has risen to a new
           all-time high. Nevertheless, the company has succeeded in
                                                         Beginning  in  the  spring  of  2018,  the  construction  of  PV
           maintaining its strong competitive position in the market.
                                                         systems  in combination  with energy  storage  systems  for
           In  addition  to  increased  customer  loyalty  programmes,
                                                         retail customers will be supported directly by KELAG as part
           further  progress  has been  made  in  the  differentiation  of
                                                         of  the  investment  campaign  “Carinthia’s  energy  future”,
           electricity and natural gas products in the segment for retail
                                                         thus  making  a  further  contribution  to  the  active
           and business customers. Moreover, the acquisition of new
                                                         development of renewable energy sources in Carinthia.
           customers in all segments has been stepped up and the
           range   of   energy   services   expanded.   Customer
           requirements are taken into account through the supply of
                                                         Digitalisation is one of the central success factors for the
           electricity  from  100%  hydroelectric  power  and  green
                                                         future and a  vital competitive factor for sales. E-business
                                                         has  become  a  decisive  success  factor  in  many  business
                                                         areas,  for  example,  in  marketing  communications  or
                                                         customer acquisition and customer loyalty. The e-business
           Under the SmartHome Austria brand, the company sells an
                                                         organisational unit manages the web presence and social
           innovative  energy  and  home  management  system
                                                         media activities of the entire Group and drives forward the
           throughout Austria. As an intelligent system, SmartHome
                                                         creation  and  implementation  of  electronic  business
           Austria  centrally  regulates  the entire  household’s  energy
                                                         processes to customer interfaces (such as the Internet self-
           consumption as needed and thus optimises electricity and
           heating consumption. This increases energy efficiency and
           improves  the  comfort  and  safety  of  the  home.  The
                                                         The  relaunch  of  the  KELAG  website  at  the  beginning  of
           SmartHome system can be managed using a smartphone,
                                                         2017 resulted in improved visibility in search engines and
           a tablet or also by means of a digital voice control assistant,
                                                         thus also more visitors to the site. The Internet self-services
           such  as  Amazon’s  Alexa.  SmartHome  management  is
                                                         were  enhanced  with  additional  functions,  such  as
           heavily  advertised  as  part  of  “Carinthia’s  energy  future”
                                                         automotive electricity contract management and subsidies
           initiative, including special “Energy future packages”.
                                                         as part of the energy future initiative. Services for customers
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