Page 113 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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 The storage pump for the Oschenik 1 machine unit at   projects  are  currently  being  pursued  to  enlarge  the
                        the Innerfragant power plant was replaced. In addition,   Burgenland wind farm in the medium term.
                        renovation and maintenance work was carried out on
                        the turbine, generator and the three ball valves. Through
                        these  measures,  the  efficiency  of  the  system  was   With  a  total  capacity  of  around  4  MWpeak  of  installed  PV
                        significantly  increased.  Its  commissioning  and  trial   capacity in Austria, the company today supplies more than
                        operations took place in January 2017. The investment   1,250  households  with  sustainable  solar  energy  from
                        volume came to around EUR 10m.            Carinthia. In addition to the expansion of the company’s
                                                                  own  PV  systems,  increased  emphasis  is  placed  on  the
                        A  general  inspection  of  the  pump  turbine  and  the   expansion as well as the construction of PV systems in the
                        generator was carried out at the Feldsee pump/storage   retail and business customer segment.
                        power  plant.  Technical  modifications  of  selected
                        components on the rotary part of the generator were   In the financial year 2017, systems with a total capacity of
                        performed.                                900 kWpeak were planned and realised. The quality of the PV
                                                                  systems is to be assured using infrared thermal imaging. In
                        Additional focus was placed on implementing measures   addition  to  that,  the  product  range  will  be  expanded  in
                        for  automation  and  process  visualisation  in  various   future to include the planning of holistic energy systems for
                        power plant areas.                        commercial  customers  in  order  to  offer  individual  and
                                                                  tailored solutions.
                    On account of regulatory requirements over the past few
                    years, 14 fish ladders were constructed or modernised by
                    KELAG at existing run-of-the-river power plants.

                    The  commissioning  of  the  fishway  at  the  Gößnitz  weir   KELAG’s trading activities begin with the management of
                    system and the restructuring of the diverted river section   the  electricity  it  produces  and  the  procurement  of  sales
                    were  completed  in  August  2016.  The  fishway  was   volumes. With respect to the management of the electricity
                    monitored in 2017 and found to be working.    it produces, the objective is to place its own power plants
                                                                  on the relevant markets in the best possible way. In addition
                    With the completion of construction of the fish ladder at   to their presence on the trading markets, it is also necessary
                    the Wartberg I power plant in November 2017, all KELAG   to refine internal processes to optimise the use of flexible
                    power plants on the Mürz river can now be passed through.   generation units. To increase the stability of planning and
                    Monitoring  is  scheduled  to  take  place  in  the  spring  and   revenue, KELAG pursues a long-term sale and procurement
                    autumn of 2018.                               strategy, whereby the corresponding volumes are sold and
                                                                  procured  gradually  for  subsequent  years.  The  relevant
                                                                  commodities are electricity, gas and guarantees of origin.
                    The Group’s wind power production capacity is around 61   Together with the subsidiary Interenergo, which focuses on
                    MW, thus reaching an annual average production capacity   cross-border  trading  and  the  supply  of  energy,  the
                    of around 159 GWh. A total of 10 wind turbines are now   company  is  particularly  active on  the  markets  of  Central
                    operated  in  Burgenland  and  19  wind  turbines  near  the   and  Eastern  Europe  (“CEE”)  and  South  Eastern  Europe
                    Black  Sea  coast.  Furthermore,  additional  development   (“SEE”).
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