Page 112 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
P. 112

installed capacity of 5 MW under construction in Bosnia and
                                                         Herzegovina.  In  September,  the  decision  was  made  to
                                                         invest  in  the  construction  of  a  small-scale  hydroelectric
                                                         power plant in Montenegro. Construction is scheduled to
                                                         begin in the spring of 2018. In addition, several small-scale
                                                         PV power plants with a total installed capacity of around 4
                                                         MW are operated in Slovenia.

                                                         The largest single investment of KELAG – the Reißeck II joint
                                                         project with VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH and Energie AG
           The  Group  is  one  of  the  major  Austrian  producers  of
                                                         Oberösterreich  –  was  commissioned  in  October  of  2016
           electricity  from  hydroelectric  power.  In  addition,  the
                                                         following  its  successful  trial  operations.  The  existing
           company is active in the field of wind power and selectively
                                                         Reißeck and Malta power plant groups will be connected to
           implements  projects in  the  area  of  photovoltaics. With  a
                                                         each other via Reißeck II and upgraded by around 420 MW
           total of 90 of its own power plants and drawing on purchase
                                                         of production and pumping capacity in the process. KELAG
           rights from third-party power plants, a total power plant
                                                         invested  about  EUR 200m  for  its  share  of  181 MW
           capacity of around 1,347MW and a total production volume
                                                         production  capacity  and  137 MW  pumping  capacity. The
           of  about  3.4 TWh  in  an  average  year  is  available.  The
                                                         plant was run in normal operation in 2017.
           Group’s own largest production facilities are located in the
           Fragant power plant group.
           At the power plants, a number of replacement investments   KELAG is currently constructing an investor-funded power
           and  maintenance  measures  were  undertaken  in  the   plant in the region of Spittal an der Drau (KELAG’s share is
           financial  year  2017  to  ensure  availability  and  supply   approx. 25%, the rest belongs to three private investors).
           reliability of the existing plants.           The expansion capacity is around 2.6 MW with an average
                                                         production  capacity  of  12.5  GWh.  As  service  provider,
                                                         KELAG assumes the planning in this project, including the
                                                         supervision of construction and commissioning and after
           The  Group  pursues  a  selective  strategy  internationally,
                                                         completion  the  management  of  operations  and
           primarily  in  the  areas  of  hydroelectric  power  and  wind
                                                         maintenance  of  the  investor-funded  power  plant.
           power. Of central importance in this regard is the wholly
                                                         Construction began in May 2017; operations are scheduled
           owned subsidiary Interenergo d.o.o. with registered offices
                                                         to commence in the spring of 2018.
           in  Slovenia,  which is  active in electricity  trading  and  the
           development of hydroelectric power plant projects in many
           countries in central and southeastern Europe. The Group
           currently  has  a  total  of  12  hydroelectric  power  plants
                                                         Various  replacement  investments  and  maintenance
           operating in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo
                                                         measures were implemented in the financial year 2017 to
           with a total installed capacity of around 45 MW. In Kosovo,
                                                         ensure the availability and safety of the existing production
           the small-scale hydroelectric power plant Lumbardhi II, the
           fourth power generation unit of a series of hydroelectric
           power plants in the Deçan valley, was completed and went
           into operation. There is also a further power plant with an
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