Page 109 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
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include collecting a percentage markup of 26.8% on  the
                                                                  grid  user charges  and  grid  loss  charges  per grid  level  in
                    This  ordinance  on  the  one  hand  adjusts  the  consumer   2017 (2016: 37.1%) as a contribution to green electricity.
                    categories to match the new international structures and
                    on the other takes into account the experience gained over
                    the  past  few  years  relating  to  monitoring  the  supply
                    security as well as treating district heat.    The feed-in tariffs for the calendar year 2017 were redefined
                                                                  pursuant to Sec. 19 (1) ÖSG 2012. The tariff to buy electric
                                                                  power  from  photovoltaic  facilities  with  a  congestion
                    On  the  basis  of  the  authorisation  pursuant  to  the  ÖSG   capacity of between over 5kWpeak and 200kWpeak that are
                    (Austrian Green Electricity Act) 2012, the Austrian regulator   only installed on or at a building, fell by around 35%. The
                    E-Control set the price for guarantees of origin at EUR 0.93   tariffs to buy electric power from wind farms were reduced
                    per MWh for the calendar year 2017. These guarantees of   by around 1%.
                    origin  are  allocated  by  the  Green  Electricity  Settlement
                    Agency to electricity traders based on their supply volume
                    to end customers.                             The  ordinance  governing  wholesale  data  (GHD-VO)
                                                                  consists  of  regulations  from  the  energy  wholesale  data
                                                                  ordinance  (EGHD-VO)  as  well  as  the  energy  wholesale
                                                                  transaction  data  retention  ordinance  (ETA-VO)  to
                    Under  the  2012  gas  market  model  ordinance  (GMMOVO   consolidate legislation for the purposes of simplified access
                    2012),  a  new  Austrian  model  that  focuses  on  balancing   to rights. The ordinance on wholesale data came into effect
                    groups  and  the  customers  represented  by  these  was   on  1 October  2017  and  regulates  the  monitoring  of  the
                    implemented in the Eastern market territory from 1 January   trading of energy wholesale products on a national level
                    2013  onwards  and  in  the  Tirol  and  Vorarlberg  market   and  specifies  the  parties  subject  to  the  notification
                    territories  from  1 October  2013  onwards.  This  2017   requirement,  the  frequency,  scope  and  format  of  the
                    amendment  mainly  adjusts  the  system  user  charges  in   notification requirement which the regulatory authorities
                    addition to further changes.                  need to carry out their duties.

                                                                  The green electricity flat charge payable since 1 January
                    The  2017  ordinance  on  the  renewable  electricity
                                                                  2015 remains unchanged at all grid levels up to and
                    contribution  charge  based  on  the  ÖSG  2012  came  into
                                                                  including 2017 and amounts to EUR 33 per year and per
                    effect on 1 January. It revises the charges for the calendar
                                                                  metering point for grid level 7 customers.
                    year 2017 payable by all end customers connected to the
                    public grid by grid level for promoting green electricity. As

                    the  responsible  party  for  the  green  balancing  group,
                    OeMAG Abwicklungsstelle für Ökostrom AG’s obligations
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