Page 107 - KELAG Annual Report 2017
P. 107

On  30 November  2016,  the  European  Commission
                                                                  published  its  extensive  “Clean  energy  for  all  Europeans”
                    The UN Climate Change Conference took place in Bonn in   package with eight legislative acts and several reports. The
                    November.  The  Parties  made  significant  progress  in  the   compendium  includes  extensive  legislative  proposals  in
                    implementation  of  the  Paris  international  climate   particular  for  the  areas  of  energy  efficiency,  renewable
                    agreement.  A  global  alliance  comprising  25  Parties,   energies, the organisation of the electricity market, security
                    including Austria, has committed to phase out coal from   of electricity supply and management of the Energy Union.
                    power generation. Eleven EU Member States, Fiji, Mexico,
                    Canada and Washington, among other partners, countries
                    and organisations, are involved in the “Powering Past Coal   The European Commission presented its second report on
                    Alliance”.  Furthermore,  the  European  Parliament,  the   the state of the Energy Union in February. The report shows
                    Council and the Commission agreed on the revision of the   that the modernisation of the European Union’s economy
                    European emissions trading system. The EU Parties agreed   and the transition to a low-carbon era are in full swing.
                    to expedite the shortage of available emission allowances.
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