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Energy from Water

Energy from Water

“What we do, is environmentally conscious!“

Kelag belongs to a unique Austrian group of large energy producers, producing energy from water. We presently operate 78 hydroelectric power plants. The hydro power plant group Fragant, located in the Tauern Mountains, is the heart of our hydro power generation. The group consists of six high mountain reservoirs that can provide valuable energy at any time.

Expansion of our Pump-Storage Capacities
To combat the challenges of the ever increasing energy demands of our customers and the demanding climate protection goals of the European Union, we are intensively investing in hydroelectric power. Special attention is being given to the development and enhancement of pump storage plants. We view them as a critical component of a renewable and reliable energy source for our future. With flexible production and pumping applications we can optimise the use of other renewable energy sources like the wind and sunlight. One of our larger projects is the expansion of the Fragant power group through the addition of pump storage capacities at Feldsee II. Additional projects include the pump storage power station Koralpe, as well as many other smaller power stations. Additionally, we are an active partner with Verbund AG in the development of Reisseck II. Through this project we will be able to provide an additional 253 MW of power with an annual production of approximately 650 GWh. We have also increased our pumping capacity from 230 MW to 472 MW.

Hydro Power Competence Center
Our Know-how for planning, building, operation and maintenance of hydro power plants is in demand internationally. Kelag functions as hydro power competence center the RWE concern. Within this cooperative framework, our experts provide expertise for numerous international hydroelectric power plant projects.

Energy produced from hydroelectric power:

  • 78 Hydroelectric power plants
  • 794 MW capacity
  • 1.636 million kWh produced in an average year

Purchase rights for other entities' power plants:

  • 599 MW capacity
  • 1.759 million kWh produced in an average year